How to Uninstall Split AC (Air Conditioner)

How to Uninstall Split AC (Air Conditioner)

Before uninstall any Split Air Conditioner we should Store his Gas.

Tools we need for Uninstall Air Conditioner:

L Key 4mm or 5mm , 2 Screw Wrench, Screw Driver, Plier

  1. Turn On AC and set Temperature at 18°C 
  2. When Turn on the Outdoor we should Close his Discharge Valve with L Key and wait 30 Seconds After 30 Seconds we should close his Suction Valve with L Key and immediately Turn OFF the AC. Now Gas is Stored in Outdoor.
  3. If AC Install with long piping then we should wait more seconds for close suction valve (50 seconds)
  4. After Store the Gas Open the Pipe Connection with Screw Wrench From Outdoor and Indoor.
  5. We Should take off the wires Connections from indoor and Outdoor.
  6. Holding the Indoor and Lift the Indoor upwards

Scroll down and watch video for more help

Watch Video for Uninstall Split AC :

You should read it :

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