Huzur Hujtaul Islam Maulana Hamid Raza Khan Barelvi (RA).



Taj-ul-Asfia Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Hamid Raza Khan Qadri Bareilly Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu was born in the blessed month of Rabi al-Awwal Sharif 1292/ Hijri 1875/ AD in the heart of Ahles Sunnat Bareilly Sharif. Gaya – whose numbers are 92/ and this is the name of your history, your nickname is Hamid Raza and your address is Hujtaul Islam –

Education and Training:
Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Hamid Raza Khan Qadri Barilwi Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu was educated and trained in the embrace of his father Majid Imam Ahle Sunnat Mujaddid Din wa Mulat al Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Fazil Barilwi Radi Allah Ta’ala Anhu. He used to say, Hamid Muna Wana Man Hamid Hazrat Hujta-ul-Islam received all the sciences and arts from his father, Majid, until he graduated at the tender age of 19 after reading Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh, and the Book of Books.

Allegiance and Caliphate:
Taj-il-Taqiyyah Hazrat Hujta-ul-Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Hamid Raza Khan Qadri Barelwi (RA) was the follower and caliph of Hazrat Syed Shah Abul Hussain Ahmad Noori (RA) – and he was inherited from his father Majid Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Fazil Barelwi (RA). Also had permission and caliphate-

Habits of Karima:
Hazrat Hujta-ul-Islam was a complete model of his ancestors- he was comprehensive in morals and customs, he used to smile when he spoke, his tone was very loving, respect for the elders, kindness towards the younger ones were the prominent essence of his virtue. He always kept his eyes down, recited Darood Sharif frequently, that is why he was often seen reciting Durood Sharif even in his sleep. He used to be fiercely opposed to the British and his society like his father Majid.

Hazrat Hujtaul Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Hamid Raza Khan Qadri Barilvi Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu, the emperor of sciences and arts, was a hero in piety and piety, and a hero of speech. Say:
Shaykh Al-Dalail Madani (may Allah have mercy on him) says that Hujjat al-Islam is a light-hearted person, he respected me so much that when I went to him from Madinah, he took a cloth and cleaned my shoes, and fed me with his own hands in every way. After staying for a few days, when I started to return to Madinah from Bareilly Sharif, Hazrat Hujtaul Islam said: To offer my greetings to the Prime Minister in Madinah.

Now take Madinah and show the green dome
Hamid and Mustafa Raza are in India, two slaves

Asceticism and piety:
Hazrat Hujta al-Islam Quds Sira Al-Aziz was very pious and pious. When he got free time from scholarly and preaching work, he would engage in the remembrance of God and the recitation of Durood Sharif. He had an abscess on his body, which required an operation. When the doctor wanted to inject anesthesia, he forbade it and clearly said that I will not inject the drug. Not allowed, the doctor was impressed by your courage, perseverance and piety.

Academic and Missionary Achievements:

Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz was a high-level orator, a distinguished writer and a scholar in his sole occupation – serving and preaching the religion, protecting the honor of Mustafa, peace be upon him, and the welfare of the nation were the main goals of his life. There were objectives, and it is true that he lived for the sake of the domination of Islam and journeyed to the Hereafter, so he raised the flag of Islam and departed from this world red-faced and humbled. He himself has appreciated his scholarly and religious service and praised him for the promotion and publication of the religion of Ahl as-Sunnat and Jamaat. He has taken the Muslims out of deception – He has tried his best to suppress the violent movement and has fought falsehood and falsehood from all sides –

Political Insights and Support Right:

Huzur Hujtaul Islam Quds Siraul Aziz understood the tricks of politicians well and being fully aware of the situation of his time, he used to do everything possible to save the Muslims from the clutches of politics and the state, at the same time flying in this storm. They were also ready to fight against Muslim leaders and intellectuals for not accepting understanding and truth.
On the basis of some of his political actions and writings on Maulana Abdul Al-Bari Sahib Ferangi Mahali, Sidi Sarkar Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Fazil-i Barilwi (RA) issued a fatwa on him. A conference was called in Lucknow regarding the demolition and desecration of the Dome, Hazrat Hujta-ul-Islam Quds Sira-ul-Aziz along with some famous scholars went to Lucknow, there Maulana Abdul Bari Sahib and his relatives and followers. A great welcome was given and Maulana Abdul Al-Bari wanted to shake hands with Huzur Hujta-ul-Islam, so he pulled his hand away, and said that I cannot meet you as long as there is a fatwa of my dear father and until you repent.
Hazrat Maulana Abdul Bari Sahib Farangi Mahali was called Saut-i-Iman, he accepted the truth as the truth and repented with an open heart and said, “Whether or not I am ashamed, I am repenting out of fear of Allah Ta’ala. I am in His court.” What is written by Maulvi Ahmed Raza Khan is correct.

A milestone in your Arabic knowledge:

Huzur Hujtaul Islam Quds Siraul Aziz was once invited to Darul Uloom Moiniya Ajmer Sharif to take the examination of the students and to inspect the Darul Uloom. He asked me to write something in connection with – He said that the faqir knows three languages, Arabic, Persian and Urdu, in which language I should write, Maulana Moinuddin Sahib was not so much influenced by Hazrat Ali or Hujjat al-Islam until that time. He should write in Arabic.
Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz wrote a very eloquent and eloquent review of many pages of Qalam Rukhda in Arabic – Maulana Moinuddin Sahib was surprised and was thinking that I don’t know what he is writing because he was also proud of his knowledge of Arabic.
When Hazrat Hujjatul Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz came after writing the inspection, then later Maulana sat down to translate it, so he had great difficulty in understanding the Arabic of Huzur Hujjatul Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz. They could not translate and some words were not even found in the dictionary, later they got them from the language of Arab scholars and their books, then they came to know these words and idioms-


He was honored with Ziyarat-i Harmain Sharifin in 1323/ Hijri along with his father Imam Ahle Sunnat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Fazil Barelvi Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu. And the outstanding work he performed in this Hajj is the arrangement of Al-Dawlat al-Mukiya, which was written by His Highness Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Fazil Barilwi (RA) in a short period of only eight hours. Hujjat al-Islam was given to Sir Al-Aziz, so he used to clean it, then he also translated it himself. The rank you had is rightly estimated from your following poem:

Now this planet of life has died in my desire
If you do not call me the servant of Madinah, it will be forbidden to live
He performed the second Hajj in 1334/H.

Literary and Academic Achievements:

Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Quds Sira Al-Aziz was a great writer, the exact address of his scholarly majesty and knowledge is more possible than his writings – his pen memorial is marked below. See:
* Al-Saram al-Rabani Ali Asraf al-Qadiyani
First of all you wrote in 1315/ Hijri against the Qadianis-
* Translation of Al-Dawla al-Makkay with material al-Ghaybiyyah
* Hussam al-Haramain Ali Munhar Kufr Walmin
* Margin Mula Jalal
* The case of al-Ijazat al-Mutina
* Natiya Dewan
* Collection of Fatawa


One of the greatest merits and honors of Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz is that he firmly adhered to the religion of Ahl al-Sunnah and the sunnah of Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz was established by his every action.

Honorable Teacher:

Hazrat Hujjat al-Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz was an experienced madrasa and had expertise in teaching matters. Once some important madrasas of Darul Uloom Manjar Islam Bareilly Sharif left the madrasa – so Huzur Hujjat al-Islam Quds Sira al-Aziz wrote all the important books of sciences and arts himself. Start teaching and teach in such a way that the idea of ​​madrasas who said that without us the students would leave the madrasa was proved wrong – hearing about your teaching skills and academic merit, many other worthy students entered Darul Uloom. –

Descendants of Amjad:
Hazrat Hujtaul Islam Quds Sira Al Aziz had two sons and four daughters – the names of the sons are as follows
Hazrat Mufsir Azam Hind Maulana Ibrahim Raza Khan Jilani Mian
*Hazrat Maulana Hamad Raza Khan Naumani Mian Quds Sira

Huzoor Hujtaul Islam Hazrat Maulana Hamid Raza Khan Qadri Barilvi Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu 17/Jamadi Al-Awwal 1362/Hijri, according to 23/May 1943/CE aged 70/years while in the state of prayer during tashahhud at 10/45/minutes from his real creator. Jamle –
To Allah we shall return
The funeral prayer of his Khalifa Khas Hazrat Muhaddith-i-Azam Pakistan, Maulana Sardar Ahmed Quds Sira-ul-Aziz, was read in the congregation – his grave is in the blessed Khanqah Alia Rizvia Bareilly Sharif next to his father Majid – every year in the history of Urs Mubarak, countless scholars and mashaikhs The public participates with and fills their feet with Gohar Murad – Apart from the monastery of Bareilly Sharif, numerous devotees of yours in the Indian subcontinent are satisfied with your spiritual grace on the above date –

* Karimganj, Puranpur, Pelibhait, Western Uttar Pradesh
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