Hyderabad prepares for the first ever Formula E World Championship race in India



Preparations complete to sing at Necklace Road on the banks of Hussainsagar, Hyderabad for the first time in India of Formula E Globalism Championship race.

For the Formula E Championship, scheduled for February 10 and 11, a 2.37 km track has been built where 22 drivers from 11 teams, coming from different parts of the world, will participate and drive single-seater electric cars. The race is organized by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), in cooperation with the Government of Telangana.

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Ahead of the big event, the Hyderabad City Development Authority (HMDA), in association with the Indian Racing Association (IRL), will stage two races – a trial run on the track, to test its race readiness in February.

The first exam will take place on a real-time basis on November 19th and 20th and then again on December 10th and 11th.

According to the Hindustan Times, a senior HMDA official informed that “At least 22 electric racing cars will take part in the trial run to ensure the track is suitable for the mega event and all requirements are met as per FIA specifications.”

He said that Formula E cars can reach speeds of 300 kilometers per hour on street circuits, especially black-topped roads, unlike Formula 1 cars that need special tracks.

However, the construction work is far from over around Hussainsagar Lake as the authorities need to make all arrangements, including building galleries to enable more than 35,000 spectators to watch the event.

“Special safety equipment such as technical barriers, debris fences and other related track infrastructure are being built around the tracks to meet the stringent safety requirements,” the official said.

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He added that the championship will bring global fame to the city of Hyderabad along with London, Paris, Monaco and Berlin already known on the racetrack.

He added, “The event will also prove that Hyderabad is looking towards sustainability and promotion of electric vehicle technologies, which are the cornerstones of Formula E racing.”

Apart from the main event, the Government of Telangana has also announced that it will host a series of events like Hyderabad EV Summit, Rall-E Hyderabad and Hyderabad E-Motor Show as part of Hyderabad e-Mobility Week from 6th to 11th February.

However, the formula E is in formula India It also caught the attention of nature lovers who opposed the construction work because of its potential impact on nature.

Nature lovers said that more than 200 trees were taken down on the banks of Hussainsagar Lake in the construction of the racetrack.

“We are very sad to publish this report from NTR Marg near Necklace Road. About 200 much loved Gold (Tabebuia aurea) trees have been removed for the Formula E race in February 2023. Palms and other trees have also been moved to Sanjeevaiah Park. Only 78 trees are left From the Gold List. This is tragic and ridiculous in a city that just won the Green Award,” an activist with Save Banyan Trees of Chevella, a group of environmentalists from Hyderabad, posted on social media.

But on the other side, the HMDA official said there was no damage to the big trees and only the trees on the median of the road and the driveway were removed.

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