“I want to publish the result…” – Joss Butler shares game plan ahead of the semi-final against India



With all England ready to play the semi-final against them India In T20 for men Globalism Trophy At the Adelaide Oval, captain Jos Buttler draws on input from team players who have enough experience to play previously on the field.

The picturesque Adelaide Oval is the only place England has not played a match in this tournament. From the current squad, kicker Adel Rashid, opener Alex Halles, fast bowler Chris Jordan, and hitter Phil Salt have experience playing a slew of matches on the field, thanks to their stints with the Adelaide Strikers in the Big Bash League (BBL).

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While Rashid, Hales and Jordan only played one season with the Strikers, Salt played over 30 games at the Adelaide Oval while representing the Strikers at the BBL between 2019 and 2021. It presents a different challenge for England.

“Tactically it could be a little different. Obviously the dimensions and the surface we play on have a huge impact on the way you hit those surfaces, so we did some good things. We have players who have played in Adelaide before, and we’re going into the game with some good ideas. And we react well when we have to.

“Having spoken to the home ground player, his team is really confident that he’s had plenty of time to get some really good wicket work. He looks very comfortable because it’s going to be a really good deck and a consistent deck,” Butler said in the pre-match press conference.

With the match played on a used floor, Butler indicated that he aims for a win-win result on the grounds which has a reputation for displaying hits. “At the moment I have no worries about the pitch. I think from all the information I have at the moment, it looks like the wicket should be flat for 40 increments. It looks to me exactly like Adelaide Oval.

“If we pick first, we want to score a score that can’t be chased, and obviously we’d be confident chasing anything in second. Historically, I think if you look at the stats, it turns out that it’s about 165 out of the way here, but I’m not interested. Really on a level playing field, I’m interested in the outcome of tomorrow’s win.”

As they return to the Adelaide Oval for the World Cup knockout match, it evokes unpleasant memories for England. In 2015, Bangladesh sent them out of the ODI World Cup, which would have been the catalyst for a turnaround in whiteball cricket, leading to the 2019 over-50 title as well as a runner-up in the 2016 T20 World Cup and making the round. 2021 semi-finals and ongoing edition.

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“We were just talking about it in the dressing room, a few of us were. Anytime you come back to certain causes, there are some moments or memories that were, and not always good, unfortunately. But it was clear to see the change in some kind of mentality In English cricket towards white ball since that game went like this and especially the way we played it the way we played gave us better results and that gives us a lot of confidence in this process that works.

“I think even back to the Pakistan Tour, some of the guys who joined the group, there seems to be an ingrained way to now play English cricket. It has been a great journey to be involved in. Back to that point, it was a real streak in the sand, I would say. This moment in English whiteball cricket, to now be in the semi-finals and go to tournaments with a level of expectation that we have to do well is a great place to be as a team,” Butler said.

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