“I went through this situation at Lucknow Super Giants Batter” released by the Indian team



Despite being the youngest cent captain in the IPL, Manish Pandey’s T20 international career never really took off. He played 39 T20Is in that blue jersey and was among the only outs from the Indian side along with T Natarajan after the 2020 Australia tour. The latter was injured.

Meanwhile, Pandey saw his prospects waver as focus shifted to the likes of Sanju Samson, Suriyakumar Yadav and Shreyas Iyer who would take his place in the middle order. As of now, the slots are limited and talents like Samson and Shreyas Iyer are still not among the guaranteed starters.

On the other hand, Pandey was limited to playing IPL. In 2022, Lucknow represented the Super Giants, but the season saw him score only 110 runs in 6 matches. It is not surprising that he was released by the franchise.

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“I’ve been through that situation even with the Indian team. Because there were a lot of times when I didn’t play a lot of matches and I was sitting around. You actually feel a little sad about it, but it’s all in the spirit of the game where the team demands something and then you have to stick to that. I’ve been through these kinds of situations before and I think I shouldn’t let all these things affect me which will eventually affect my game.So I just want to be in the present.If I get a chance,I want to play and score well and see how it goes from there.”

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When asked about the new middle Indian regime that has the likes of SKY, Shreyas Iyer, said he was sad he couldn’t make the cut. Here we have to mention that the 32-year-old’s results in the last domestic season were ineffective to build a case. Although he said he had not lost hope.

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“Look clearly, individually I would feel a little sad about it. But I am sure that whatever calls the Indian team was getting or whoever was playing a certain number of matches, I was happy for them. Sanju was batting well, so I thought he was He has to play matches now and he has. So there are no hard feelings there. But on a personal note, I would obviously like to play more matches and prove myself at the highest level. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. Maybe you’ll see how it goes,” Pandey said. things from here on out.

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