“I would like to see India win, obviously over Pakistan.” – Ab de Villiers

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Mumbai: Having played for over a decade in the Indian Premier League (IPL), South African cricket legend AB de Villiers has played for and against current members of the team that represents India In T20 Men Globalism The cup is currently taking place in Australia.

This is why De Villiers, with his home country of South Africa failing to reach the semi-finals, would like to see India win the T20 World Cup title – by beating Pakistan in the final.

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“I would like to see India win, obviously against Pakistan, it is the biggest final in the city. I think the biggest obstacle facing India will be,” De Villiers told the media on the sidelines of a press conference to announce the Indian Premier League tournament to be held in March next year. in the semi-finals.”

However, the Royal Challengers Bangalore legend feels England will be a big test for India in Thursday’s semi-final match.

England is a very dangerous team. I think they have everything in artillery to win the World Cup. So, if India can get past them, I feel they will handle it well when they reach the final.”

De Villiers said the semi-finals will be a big test for Rohit Sharma’s team, having himself featured on two such occasions.

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“I played in the World Cup semi-finals and I know how difficult it is. It puts pressure and you win some and lose some,” said the 38-year-old.

On Monday, De Villiers conducted a poll on his Twitter account asking fans to vote on the teams they want to see in the final, and a large number of them voted for the India-Pakistan match. Pakistan will play New Zealand in the first semi-final on Wednesday.

The brilliant hitter chose Suryakumar Yadav and Virat Kohli as a key to India.

“Syria is doing well, Virat is doing well. So, it is about the bowlers in the big match, and if they all do well in the big match, I see India play in the final and India win,” said de Villiers.

However, he was not happy with the current T20 World Cup format and says the format should provide more opportunities for the teams.

“There should be more matches for the team. If you have 10 teams, they play nine. At the moment, one bad match means the team is out,” said the former South African captain.

Propose an IPL-style format in the final stages of the World Cup with grueling matches and competition so that teams have more than one chance of reaching the final.

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