IND vs ENG, T20 World Cup: Virat Kohli earned the right to never write about it



England’s multi-tiered Ben Stokes hopes his attack on bowling can contain the rampage of Suryakumar Yadav in T20 Globalism Cup semi-final against India Although his shots forced him to scratch his head in awe.

He was also lavish in his praise of Indian legend Virat Kohli, who he believes “has earned the right to never be left out”.

England’s best player is cautiously optimistic about his team’s chances in the semi-finals of Thursday’s Grand Final.

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“Obviously Suryakumar came and set the world on fire. He’s a great player and he plays some shots where you scratch your head sometimes.

Stokes, who was dazzled with the ball, told reporters at an interaction organized by England and Wales cricket board.

Speaking of Kohli, with whom Stokes has had a healthy rivalry over the years, the Durham man was so at the end of his wits that a player of this stature could easily be written off after a downward spiral.

“I think with Virat he can have four years as incredible as he was and then not have two tumultuous two months and then for some reason he plays like that and gets written off, we have no idea why. I think he got the right to never be written off” . As for Kohli, Stokes said, his numbers speak for themselves.

“You don’t produce the numbers and you produce the roles he (Kohli) does in all three formats and that’s okay. We as players and people we play against a lot, we didn’t take anything he did in the game before in the game we’re playing here,” Stokes said.

“We are facing a very strong Indian team.”

Stokes admitted that England reached the semi-finals without “playing their best cricket” so far but on a great day, against a good Indian team, that wouldn’t be the case.

“I think the way we’ve been able to get past not playing our best cricket so far, and now we find ourselves here. So obviously it’s exciting.

“But we know we need to get this game done on Thursday, against a very strong Indian team that no one will take lightly,” Stokes said.

“It’s because of the team and the players they have in their squad. But we like to focus more on our team and don’t think too much about them.” In fact, he also didn’t want to read much about opponent leader Rohit Sharma’s scrawny running with the bat.

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“The likes of Rohit, they are world class players. You can’t take (assume) anything from what he gave in the previous match because you saw him do it so many times (in the big matches).

“He is one of the best players in the game, especially in this form. We will not take him lightly at all.” When asked if the spin would play a big role in Adelaide under the floodlights, Stokes was noncommittal.

“I’m sure it will be but how big a role, I don’t know.”

Butler does a good job as a leader, Stokes feels

Stokes, England’s Test captain, feels Gus Butler is doing a great job as the captain of the country’s white ball.

“He (Butler) went really well. Even when he wasn’t in charge of the team, he was the leader within the group. Now he’s in charge you can see. I think everyone on the team is clearly following him.”

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