“India did not deserve to face Pakistan in the final in the MCG”



Every Pakistani fan has been waiting India vs pakistan final in T20 Globalism Glass. Although their team had qualified for the final by defeating New Zealand in Sydney, they were hoping for a close match in the second leg of the semi-final as India beat their opponent England at the Adelaide Oval. But that’s not what happened, and Rohit Sharma and his men crashed with a ten-wicket defeat in the most embarrassing way.

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The former Pakistani speed driver who was among those expecting an India-Pakistan final was also disappointed and later expressed his anger on his Youtube channel.

“It’s a very embarrassing loss for India. They played terribly and deserved to lose. They didn’t deserve to qualify for the finals. India were so badly beaten. Their bowling was so bad. These conditions are good for fast bowling and India doesn’t have a fast playing device. I don’t know why they didn’t play with Josefindra. Chahal in one match. The choice of the team for India is baffling.”

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He also said that Mohamed El-Shamy is a great bowler as to why he did not play in the run-up to the tournament, adding that there was a clear lack of intent.

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“It was a really bad day for India as their heads fell after they lost the lot. When England hit their first five, the Indians were raising their arms in the air. At least, India should have tried to fight, maybe the bowlers could have thrown around the wicket and handed over. A few guards, and he added, “There was no aggression from the Indian side.”

It was Hardik Pandya who saved India from a perilous attack 136/4 at the end of the eighteenth century. He smashed 63 out of 33 and ensured the team reached a respectable total of 168. Meanwhile, Akhtar added that the multi-level Baroda player will be the next T20I captain.

The retired cricketer concluded: “There is a lot to think about for Indian cricket and now Hardik Pandya is the captain of a rising team for New Zealand and has the chance of always being.”

India suffered a 10-point defeat at the hands of England in the second semi-final to end their T20 World Cup campaign on an embarrassing note here on Thursday.

And so England entered the final where they will face Pakistan in the MCG on Sunday.

India scored 168 for six after Virat Kohli scored 40 balls and 50 and Hardik Pandya scored 33 times.

In response, England scorned the chase as they rushed home with four overs to spare, with Alex Hales (86) and Joss Butler (80) producing a captain in the 1950s during their opening streak.

While the Indian bowlers cut an unfortunate figure and stayed put, Chris Jordan returned with a 3 for 43 for England.

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