India does not use Rishabh Pant is baffling, feel Michael Vaughan

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Former England captain Michael Vaughan has criticized the Indian thought team for not making the most of Rishabh Pant’s talent and exploding during the men’s T20. Globalism Glass.

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Pant, the left hitter, was selected for the semi-final against England ahead of Dinesh Karthik due to his ability to take down a spinner in the middle. But India was not able to match Pant to the English spinner, Adel Rashid William Livingston, as captain Joss Butler quickly finished his increases before the left hitter hit the tuck in the 19th minute.

“How they have not glorified someone like Rishabh Pant is unbelievable. At this age, put him on top to launch him. I was amazed the way they play T20 cricket for the talent they possess.

“They have players, but they don’t have the right process in the right place. They have to go for it,” Vaughan wrote in his “Telegraph” column on Friday, why would they give the top five opponent bowlers to sleep?

Vaughan was also furious about the lack of many players in all respects on the Indian side, a feature which was present in Indian teams in the past. “How did they only get five bowling options when you think that 10 or 15 years ago, all of India’s top six players could have played a little bit – Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina, Virinder Sehwag and even Sourav Ganguly?”

It was baffled that Yosvendra Chahal didn’t get a single match in the tournament despite circumstances in Australia favoring an advantage on the wrist.

“None of the bat bowlers, so the captain only had five options. We know in T20 cricket the stats tell you that a team needs a spinner who can flip it both ways. India has a lot of leg spinning. Where are they?”

India dearly felt the absence of Jaspreet Bumrah and Ravindra Jadega as Joss Butler and Alex Hales raced to chase 169 with four overtakes to spare, finishing unbeaten at 80 and 86 respectively. Vaughan was highly critical of India’s tactics against Butler and Hillis at the start of the innings.

“They have a left-handed army in Archdeep Singh swinging back to the right hand. So what are they doing to defend the 168? They bowled at Bhuvneshwar Kumar to give a show to Jos Buttler and Alex Hales.

“Where’s the left-arm tailor swing at Butler and Hals the first time? Mad. Spasm them for the room. Don’t give them a chance to go down to a flyer at first and calm the nerves.”

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