India vs England – Why Rishabh Pant could be a game changer



Rishabh Pant’s fortunes finally looked shining when India Captain Rohit Sharma mentioned how unfair it was for the 25-year-old to play in the semi-final against England on the spot. This statement is less than 48 hours before T20 Globalism The cup semi-final came when a reporter asked the captain why Pant, who was present in all 12 of the Super Cup, played the last match against Zimbabwe. Does this mean that Pant is finally on Rohit’s mind? Because it hadn’t been for more than fifty days.

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When India played the opening match of the Asian Cup against Pakistan, it was Bant and not DK, who was in the standings. Which is why it surprised many when they saw DK in play eleven after the lottery. Moreover, no one knew that the Delhi goalkeeper would be sitting in the entire T20 World Cup before making his way in his last Super 12 match against Zimbabwe where he didn’t look at himself at all! He entered with the result 95/3 and played five balls and scored only three. The break in momentum was clearly evident.

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And it’s not like it’s been ignored for no reason. His numbers weren’t in his favour. 14, 17, 20*, 27, 9, 9, 3 – these will definitely play a role in changing Rohit’s opinion.

However, one cannot disagree that Pant is a great player in matches. It was only recently that ex-Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag wondered why the management had to pay DK on Pant. “DK Australia me kab khele hai… .Pant ne Gabba ka Ghamand toda hai,” (When did DK play in Australia while Pant played that historic hit in Gabba) asked about Cricbuzz. Like many other Pant fans, he was only saying that Pant has the power to change the look of a big semi-final match against England as you’d never know with his down-to-earth personality.

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How can Pant be a game-changer?

The stadiums in Australia are not your typical sub-continental stadiums. Getting the final installment in the final stages of the game from Finisher DK is not impossible. It’s only, as Sehwag mentioned, that Pant is the brilliant player with better odds of success. Not to mention his familiarity with the conditions of play. Let’s not forget, Bant toured these beaches in 2018 and kept the wicket for Test matches. That’s enough time in the Australian sunshine!

Furthermore, Pant has an advantage against the likes of Adil Rashid who usually turns it into a left-hander. With shorter side borders, you can prop it up nine times out of ten to clear it.

“The main debate or issue on Thursday will be what the captain and coach want in their eleventh play. If they want to use the left hand in the top rank to shake England up, they might turn to Pant because it’s a great option. But if they want a finishing job, they might consider Karthik for On the job,” former selector MSK Prasad told PTI in an interview.

Frequent DK’s Gaffes Make Pant a Favorite

With repeated failures in fifth place, DK somehow caused old wounds of 2019 as India struggled to find the perfect number four. This time in Australia, India missed a good number five and nothing could be better than a shiny pant given his complete freedom. Although he deceives himself and the captain scolds him (read the locker room clips of the Asian Cup), but in case of big matches either do your best or play cricket shy which makes you a national pastime.

Rohit keeps the door ajar

Meanwhile, captain Rohit Sharma doesn’t want to cut and change too much ahead of the big semi-final as Pant is someone whose brilliance can always backfire. “What will happen tomorrow? I won’t be able to reveal now, but they will both be in the game,” Rohit said at the pre-match press conference, knowing full well that he would have to put up with a lot of heat if he didn’t tap Pant and contribute to India’s sabotage of the court’s first final berth ICC for more than five years.

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