Indian Media: The biggest threat to the world’s largest democracy



Indian Media: The biggest threat to the world’s largest democracy

Media is considered as the fourth pillar in democracy, without which the establishment of a free and fair democracy is impossible. But the current state of the media is that tweets broadcast on Twitter are more important than these right-wingers. When journalists instead of asking questions to the government sit down to explain the whole country in their favor and instead of bringing the mistakes of the government to the world, they are determined to prove the people wrong, then think of democracy as a bigger joke and Nothing can happen.

Today, when the value of the dollar has reached 80 rupees, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, instead of admitting her failure, makes a statement that “Actually, the rupee is not weakening, but the dollar is strengthening.” This is so childish that He is being mocked on social media. No one could digest this, but on the contrary, journalists of some media channels regularly tried to convince people that it was actually 100% true. These include nationally run news channels like Aaj Tak, ABP News, India Today and News 18 and their so-called journalists. This is a recent example. In fact, since 2014, the media is the most responsible for the wave of hatred that has been going on across the country.

Before 1933, out of a total of 4,700 newspapers in Germany, only three percent were government-run newspapers. But as soon as Hitler took the reins of the government, all the newspapers were forced to work under the government. New laws were made and one newspaper after another fell into its trap. Those among them who refused to support the government were forced to do so or framed in false cases and locked up forever. After that they started a campaign and started selling radios at cheap prices. At that time, about 07% of German homes had a radio. Hate speech against Jews was broadcasted on them all day long. If the ruler is just, he remains at the service of the people, but if he is dishonest, he has to save his seat on the feelings of the people. Hitler wanted a group that could be seen as a threat and an enemy to the country. That is why the radio used to broadcast such things all day long that the Jews are the enemies of this country and only the Aryan race is the pure race. Therefore, Jews have no right to live in this country.

The situation in the country at present is no different. Where 70% Hindus are being told that they are in danger and all Muslims should be expelled from the country through NRC. About six million Jews were killed in the German genocide by Hitler, and most of the killers were ordinary people who were mentally disturbed. This terrible event in the history of the world was possible because of the performance of the media. Now the time has progressed even more and we get to see new forms of media every day. Among them, especially the TV media has to pay a huge price to continue and the number of news channels across the country also get advertising money based on their popularity. Which is called TRP in other words. That is, the more popular the channel is, the more expensive it will be to advertise. This is the race where each Chinese is ready to do whatever is against manners or against humanity in order to outdo each other.

In response to an RTI in 2019, the Prime Minister’s Office said that since the BJP government came to power, Rs. That is why all these news channels cannot speak or write anything against him. While advertisement money is also collected from the public. To add to the gold, most of the news channels are already in the hands of the BJP. Here is a small sample of this:

The owner of Zee News is Subhash Chandra who is a current BJP MLA.

Republic TV is owned by Arnab Goswami whose father Grami Manoranjan Goswami was a BJP leader and the other is Rajeev Chandra who is the current BJP MLA.

India Today and Network 81 are under Arun Puri and Mukesh Ambani, who have always been seen as giving a nod to the government for their businesses.

India TV is hosted by Rajat Sharma, a former student association president of the RSS.

These are things that you will easily find on Google. Apart from this, God knows how many secrets there are. The limit is that every day arrest warrants are issued against some journalists from the courts. Like Arnab Goswami, Rajat Sharma, Deepak Chaurasia and Sudhir Chowdhury, who are mirrored by people on social media every day. This year we are ranked 1st out of 50 out of 180 in the Global Press Freedom Index. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. Unemployment and inflation are on the horizon. But it doesn’t matter to us, especially the Muslim nation. Because even today it is not important for us what will be the future of us and our future generations, but it is more important that a Maulana

I am not traveling in a car or someone is not supporting another sect apart from his own sect (by the way, this phrase is also included in the list of peace according to some scholars). If this is not a sign of the Resurrection, then what else? Is?

There are hundreds of Gods standing in one place

The monotheists are all scattered

If you don’t understand, you will disappear, O Hindi Muslims!

Even your stories will not be in the stories


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