India’s GM SL Narayanan is left to stand barefoot to check a metal detector during a chess match in Germany



India’s senior boss SL Narayanan felt “insulted” as he was left barefoot inside the playing hall to check a metal detector during a Bundesliga chess match in Germany on Monday.

As there was a beep while the metal detector was checking, Narayanan was forced to remove his shoes and then his socks as well. It was later discovered that a whistling sound was coming from the carpet on the floor.

This kind of check has happened earlier too, but they’ve gotten tougher since world champion Magnus Carlsen accused American GM Hans Niemann of cheating earlier this year.

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“… I feel offended. And if I prefer to keep quiet about it, I will not do justice to myself and other athletes who are going through similar experiences,” Narayanan wrote in a lengthy post on his Twitter account.

The 24-year-old Indian said he was one of five players chosen by the referee for a random check ahead of his first-round match on Monday.

“During the check with the metal detector, there was a beep. So, I was told to take off my shoes and they checked them again. Beep. Now, I was told to take off my socks. Then the referee ran the metal detector on my bare feet and we heard the beep again.” .

“At this point I was told to step aside and the next player was told to step forward. It’s hard to explain how bad I felt as if I was guilty of something I had absolutely no idea about.

“It all happened in the middle of the playground. I grabbed a sock and stood barefoot. Imagine how I felt.”

The metal detector beeped again when the other player’s foot was scanned prompting the referee to check the floor.

Narayanan wrote, “It was the carpeted floor that gave the whistle, not any human being”.

“The referee apologized to me. But I have to say how embarrassing it was. And mind you, this happened only minutes before my round.”

Narayanan lost his match to the President of the Czech Republic, David Navarra. It was his first loss of the season for his team SV Deggendorf.

He said the situation could have been handled better.

“The fact that the referee apologized is appreciated. But this whole situation could have been handled better. Yes, we need referees who are vigilant to prevent cheating in chess but at the same time they must act in a professional manner.”

“The referees must check the floors first before asking such a strange question as whether or not they have had any surgery, before asking them to take off their shoes and socks.”

“Maybe FIFA and the tournament organizers will make a change and save the players from being subjected to such humiliation.”

In response to Narayanan, FIDE CEO Emil Sutowski wrote: “Sorry for such an unpleasant experience. However, since it was not a @FIDE_chess event, I can only forward the question to the Bundesliga match organizers – because FIDE protocol indicates that dislocation can be requested.” Clothes in a separate designated area.”

Narayanan has recently won the individual bronze medal l India On the third board at the 2022 World Chess Championship in Jerusalem.

It should be noted that India’s grandmaster Priyanka Notaki was expelled from the World Junior Chess Championship in Italy recently because a pair of ear buds were found inside her jacket pocket during a routine check.

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