‘India’s hat cannot be easily given, it must be earned’ – Ex-cricketer wants selectors not to pick ‘whoever does well in virgin IPL season’



India is eliminated from the T20 Globalism The Cup had a lot to do when the team’s management found itself in a dilemma. On most occasions, the captain and coach were confused as to what should be the eleven matches. For example, the team fielded two wicket-keepers in Dinesh Karthik and Rishabh Pant and ended up qualifying the latter for the bulk of the tournament. Let’s not forget that halfway through this big tournament, it was Pant who did all the drill.

Divided teams may have something to do with these dilemmas. Too many options for just one situation is always a headache. However, when former selection Saba Karim was asked about the split teams theory, he said that Covid played a major role behind it. Now, Wasim Jaffar has also come up with an interesting take on this whole issue. He has said that the selector need not pick anyone who has a great IPL season. Earlier, the likes of Deepak Hooda and Imran Malik were fast-tracked into the Indian squad on the back of the impressive IPL 2022 tournament, causing many options for very few positions in the squad.

“Selectors don’t need to choose who is doing well in the first IPL season. Let them perform consistently for 2-3 seasons in FC too. on Twitter.

A more conservative approach may be the solution as less choice means management will be able to incorporate the core group of at least 15 players who will be supported in the run-up to the 2023 World Cup.

Even Karim endorsed a similar approach on the road to the 2023 World Cup.

“But for now the focus should be on the upcoming 2023 World Cup. We need a group of maximum 15 players. And these players will be our focus and they will need specific roles.”

“Once that confidence comes in, players can also play freely. Without being disturbed by playing Eleven. This is the environment we need to build.”

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