Irrfan Pathan returns to the Prime Minister of Pakistan

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former India Irrfan Pathan from all levels responded to Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s tweet after India suffered a 10-wicket defeat to England in the 2022 T20 semi-final. Globalism Glass. The Pakistani Prime Minister took to Twitter to post, “So, this Sunday, it’s: 152/0 vs 170/0 #T20WorldCup.” The score of 152/0 was Pakistan’s score when they beat India in the 2021 T20 World Cup group stage match, while England scored 170-0 on Thursday to beat India in the semi-final match.

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The Pakistani Prime Minister’s tweet went viral and many Indian fans found it extremely distasteful.

Pathan slammed Sharif with an explosive tweet, “Aap min or hum min fark hi hai. Hum apni khushi se khush or aap dusre ke taklif se. Is liye khud ke mulk ko behtar karne pe dhyan nahi hai (This is the difference between you and us. We are happy with ourselves). ‘You seek happiness when others are in trouble. That’s why you don’t focus on the good of your country-kun.'”

Meanwhile, England and Pakistan, who appeared here in the Over-50 World Cup final 30 years ago, entered the title fight with a big win in the semi-finals. While captains Babar Azam and Mohamed Radwan were starring in the seven-wicket win over New Zealand, England’s first pair of captains Joss Butler and Alex Hales put in a solid performance to claim a 10-wicket win over India.

Pakistan, the 2009 champions, has been running a fairy tale triumphant victory in the tournament since it was on the verge of an early exit after losses to India and Zimbabwe. With the Netherlands out of South Africa from the tournament, Pakistan was given an unexpected lifeline to reach the semi-finals and achieved that by defeating Bangladesh in a triple-win and beating New Zealand in the semi-finals.

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With both teams aiming to win the T20 World Cup title for only their second time, heavy rain predicted the final showdown on Sunday as well as on Monday, the day of the reserve, the trophy could be shared between the two teams. Fans will pray to the gods of cricket to invoke the miraculous circumstances of the match to be played, even if 10-over is a side affair.

However, after the semi-final defeat, several top Indian players including captain Rohit Sharma came under the scanner as major overhauls may take place in the Indian T20I group soon as Hardik Pandya is expected to take charge of the leadership.

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