It is the responsibility of every Muslim to protect the princesses of the Muslim Ummah from apostasy



It is the responsibility of every Muslim to protect the princesses of the Muslim Ummah from apostasy

dear ones!
The daughters of our nation are a precious gem and their protection is essential for every Muslim. In this dangerous environment of the 21st century, we all have a collective responsibility to protect the princesses of the Muslim Ummah from the heinous plans of the impure elements. Along with this responsibility, a very important responsibility is to bring out the weak and weak sections of the society from their severe depression and mental stress and to relieve their pain and suffering in a very generous manner. So that no daughter of the society can get a chance to say that I do not want to see the face of my own. All the writings have become viral in this regard. Still, the heartless was forcing him to write in this direction. That the Muslim society is serious about a strong strategy and a good way to end the curse of dowry. Something needs to be written on it.

My brothers! Today, our nation considers matters like dowry as a fashion, which is no less than an evil for it. It does not know that the roots of many evils are strengthened by this evil act. Paths like suicide and apostasy are not only paved, but they reach the doorsteps of both the rich and the poor. Then the poor man sinks in the same mire. What happens is that even the poor, who have seen the rich, leave no stone unturned to make marriages fashionable. It has even come to see that the poor do not hesitate to sell their fields for dowry in the marriages of their daughters, which is a very painful act. In my view, it is not dowry but a kind of cruelty. Muslim. Corrupting the minds of the society and the people living in it is no less than terrorism. The only way to remove a grave sin like dowry from the society is to abstain from attending these marriages. Never at all in such marriages. Don’t take part which is against Shari’ah Mutahrah. If someone advertises dowry in marriages, that marriage should be boycotted in such a way that no one dares to do this again.

In my view, the responsibility of the ulama is the most in this boycott. If the ulama take up this burden, then be sure that this process will prove to be an antidote for the poverty-stricken people in the society and those customs that have nothing to do with Sharia. It is not given, they will automatically take the way to escape. In this way, those people who are making the most sacred duty of marriage difficult will have to think. Some are rich people who are full of ignorance. According to their thinking, marriage without dowry is pointless. They do their children’s weddings with so much fanfare that one feels a great shock after seeing them. You must have seen with your own eyes that the stage and other It looks no less than the palace of a Raja Maharaja. They often have a number of people who do not even take out Zakat from their wealth and hesitate to support the poor, orphans, widows, the helpless, the poor, mosques, madrasas. Even They don’t even give a share of their property to their daughters. They think that we have spent as much as we had to for the marriage of our daughters. They were acquitted. While the Sharia Mutahira has given the right of daughters along with sons to the property of the father. No matter how much fanfare the father marries his daughter, he still does not fulfill her right until she is married to him. Do not pay him his right from the property.

My dear! The world is only a few days away. Tomorrow, on the Day of Resurrection, you have to appear before the Lord. At that time, if the Lord asked the question, “Did you, my servant, give your children their rights in this world, then what will my brother answer at that time?” There is still time to make marriage easy according to the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and to follow the code of life given by Islam. We are talking about those who spend lavishly for the sake of name and fame in marriages when the Shariat is in front of them. When things are discussed, first of all they start to explain the issue of Shariat and they don’t hesitate to say that we spent a lot of money in marriage and fulfilled our rights by marrying the girl, whereas they did not pay the right of the girl, but their falsehood. What is the spread of glory? So that people are forced to say that there is a great man. Shame on you oppressors. You have to appear before God tomorrow. What will you answer to your Lord when the Lord asks you, “My servant, I made you the judge of your children in this world, why did you not act justly in giving your property to your children?” So tell me, what will the people of the mortal world answer to their Lord at that time?

The situation of those who turn away from Islamic ways is beyond description. Therefore, sincere people who care about the nation and nation come forward and take their nation out of this quagmire so that both this world and the hereafter will be blessed. Because the dowry-demanding miscreants have forced the daughters of poor families to sit in the dowry house for years. Because their parents are not in a position to fill the dowry list of the dowry beggars. If in any case If the daughters of dowry givers get married, then they do not feel any shame in letting their beautiful life be committed to suicide due to the taunts of their in-laws. It has also been heard that girls with better religious and worldly education lead to apostasy. Just a few days ago, a Muslim girl with double graduation was forced to marry a non-Muslim boy because the number of people visiting her house demanded a four-wheeler and other items. If someone’s request will be met, if they come to the barati, their food must have such and such a dish. The girl’s father is all The girl felt comfortable in saying yes to all these requests. Finally, seeing the father’s helplessness, the girl went on the same path, which is no less than a slap in the face for the entire nation. There are countless examples of this kind. are present.

Those who make long brags, those who break the stage, those who make their own mouths, contractors of the nation, wasteful capitalists, those who make false statements drunk on false glory, those who speak evil of working organizations, arrogant people. I have a question to the brokers who created cracks in the ranks, the hypocrites who insulted the religion and nation, why don’t you look at the evils that are flourishing among the nation? Why don’t you cleanse the society from the evil scourge like dowry? Why don’t you boycott the beggars who ask for dowry? I sincerely request the Ulemas as well that why is there silence on you, you have always guided the nation. Why has the beating heart towards the Muslim Ummah in the hearts of the predecessors gone away from you? Has cowardice developed in you considering the circumstances? The history of the past tells us that the respected scholars guided the Muslim Ummah He has faced all kinds of pains to bring him to the right. You are also called his successors today. They are not visible in you at all. If you want, all the problems of the Muslim society can be removed in one day. Chastity and their lives must be protected in any case. One more thing, let us request that the nobles come forward with courage and courage to facilitate the marriages of poor girls and give the same position and status to poor girls as they give to their own girls.

Make them your daughters-in-law and adorn your home. Do not demand dowry yourself and do not allow others to do it. If you do not open up, understand that the conscience is dead. Know for sure that the demand for dowry is a temptation that paves the way for apostasy. If they fall, the life of the poor will become miserable. It should also be remembered that the poor can earn two meals a day with great effort and if such people are not taken care of, there will definitely be a flood of crimes in the society which will affect every sector of life. It is based on the fact that in a society where the practice of asking for dowry becomes common, religious and blood ties become strained, the spirit of belonging, attachment and love begins to disappear. When a person puts the chains of selfishness on his feet, bad It doesn’t take long for the security and lawlessness market to heat up. It is clear that since the outbreak of this epidemic, selfish interest has reached its limit, due to which we are hearing abominable incidents like apostasy, my friend Islam, and many crimes like dowry demand. Dismisses. It is necessary for Muslims to make marriage easy and to make their society free from vices like dowry and all kinds of crimes.

The Islamic Shari’ah has completely prohibited dowry demands. If I say that dowry demands are like a profitable business, then no one will be wrong, even if someone agrees with me or not, because it is an evil that has hollowed out the society. It has been done, the priests of dowry become rich for a few days, but the doors of earning a living are blocked for the poor. These sources of dowry give rise to injustice in the society. The group demanding dowry is making tunnels of the whole nation. Today, both the rich and the poor are suffering from this deadly disease. People’s lives are destroyed. Remember that the wealth obtained by causing pain to someone is forbidden in the eyes of the holy Sharia. If the husband gives dowry, it is certain, but how much pain he has to suffer in this matter, how much labor he has to bear, others do not understand. What happens is what is in front of all of us today, which is the black storm of suicide and apostasy due to the evil and unnecessary demands of dowry.
Zafaruddin Rizvi Mumbai.

Dated 3rd January 2023


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