It was not easy for the Israeli filmmaker to speak out against ‘Da Kashmir Files’



Israeli filmmaker Nadaf Lapid, who described ‘Da Kashmir Files’ as ‘propaganda’ and ‘obscenity’, says that it was not easy to say anything publicly against this film, but nevertheless someone should have spoken.

It was not easy for the Israeli filmmaker to speak out against 'Da Kashmir Files'
It was not easy for the Israeli filmmaker to speak out against ‘Da Kashmir Files’


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The uproar over the comments made by Israeli filmmaker Nadaf Lapid as the head of the jury at the International Film Festival held in Goa regarding the Bollywood film ‘Da Kashmir Files’ is not letting up. Nadaf Lapid is being severely criticized by several circles in India. This issue is also hot on social media.

Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri of the said film, well-known actor Anupam Kher who played a role in the film, several Bollywood film personalities, leaders and ministers of the Hindu nationalist party BJP are also constantly criticizing Lapid.

The Israeli ambassador to India, Niver Galvin apologized for Lapid’s comment through a series of tweets and asked the Israeli filmmaker to apologize to the Indian people. Amidst all the commotion, Nadaf Lapid wondered, “What’s going on?”

‘Somebody had to speak’

In an interview with an Israeli newspaper, Lapid said that it was not easy to make such a political statement. “I knew that this is an event of great importance for this (host) country, where everyone stands up and applauds the government. It was not easy for me to decide because I was a guest on the other hand. The president of the jury and I were also treated very well.”

The Israeli filmmaker added that there were thousands of people in the hall, including movie stars, government officials and other important figures who wanted to hear the praise of the government. But “in a country where the ability to express one’s heart or truth is fast disappearing, someone had to speak up.”

It should be noted that Nadaf Lapid, in his speech at the end of the film festival, expressed regret over the inclusion of ‘Da Kashmir Files’ in the exhibition, calling it a ‘propaganda’ and ‘obscene’ film. At the time when he was expressing his views, there were several important personalities besides the Minister of Information and Broadcasting of India Anurag Thakur and the Chief Minister of the state.

Nadaf Lapid added “I was worried, I was worried because I didn’t know what the reaction would be to my statement. Anyway, I’m happy and I’m going to the airport.”

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