Jamia Darul Huda Islamia National Competition “Lessons” is the guarantor of students’ future!!



Jamia Darul Huda Islamia National Competition “Lessons” is the guarantor of students’ future!!

There is no doubt that Jamia Darul-Hadi Islamia, a great educational institution of the school of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil Barilvi (A.S.), located on the land of Kerala, that is, the school of Ahl-e-Sunnah Wal-Jamaaat, is the school of education of our dear Prophet Muhammad PBUH, day and night. It is important to spread the holy message of Prophet Muhammad to the corners of the world. At the same time, Alhamdulillah is doing a very good job of broadcasting the holy and pure message of the religion of Islam. Of course, the national competition “Lessons” organized by Jamia Darul Hudi Islamia is the guarantee of the future of the students because this Jamia is not only imparting contemporary education to its children but also equipping them with religious and material sciences and arts. If it is said in one sentence, Jamia Darul Hudi Islamia is a great shining star and a tower of knowledge in this modern age.

Jamia Darul-Hadi Islamia of this modern age is an institution based on the teachings of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil Barelvi (Alaihi Rahmat Wal-Rizwan), that is, the school of Ahl-e-Sunnah Wal-Jamaat, which is not only famous for its educational system, but also the environment and culture here. It is in this way that the students are trained by following the words of their predecessors, bowing to the orders of the Qur’an and Hadiths, and after acquiring knowledge, perform the work of religious da’wah very well. This is the reason why various branches of Jamia Dar Al-Hadi have been established in different countries and are always engaged in spreading the holy and pure message of the religion of Islam globally. The main objective of Jamia Dar Al-Hadi is education, training and then the invitation to religion, from which the students consider Islamic teachings as a source of salvation for themselves and at the same time they are able to easily find solutions to various problems that occur in the modern era. . It would be wrong to call Jamia Darul Hadi Islamia only as a seminary, but it is the source of knowledge from which the truth of the religion of Islam has been reflected and the songs of Raza have echoed in all directions:
The valley belongs to Raza and the mountain Himala belongs to Raza
Whichever direction you look, that area belongs to Raza

In this modern era, where we need contemporary education such as science, social science, geography, mathematics, philosophy, technology, social media, English, history and engineering, on the other hand, we need religious and material sciences such as Quran and Hadith, principles. Hadith, commentary, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, civility, knowledge of doctrines, knowledge of Sufism, knowledge of logic, knowledge of rhetoric, knowledge of history, Urdu, Arabic and knowledge of Tajweed and reading are also urgently needed. Jamia Darul Huda Islamia is a well-known institution of South India which gathers all these knowledge and arts on one platform to beautify and beautify its children. Do not get defeated in the process and proudly spread the holy place of Islam in every corner of this world.

Keeping in view all the requirements of modern times, our beloved Jamia Darul Hudi Islamia Sax conducts a national competition called “Sabaaq” every three years on a large scale so that students are able to recognize their hidden talents and talents and develop their skills. Know the real purpose of life. In which field are these students interested, in which field are they interested and in which one are they not, in which direction should they go and which direction should they not go, which aspects of life should they pay attention to and which should not be paid attention to and how should they identify themselves? All these things students can easily know and recognize themselves through this national competition.

The youth of my Qun! In the same way Jamia Darul Huda Islamia has organized the national competition “Sabaaq” so that the students can get the best progress in every field. This year in the national competition, apart from Madrasas of Kerala, 8 madrasas of outer Kerala also participated. Darul Huda Off Campus Andhra Pradesh, Darul Huda Off Campus Hangul Karnataka, Darul Huda Off Campus Madanur Karnataka, Darul Huda Off Campus Assam, Darul Huda Off Campus Bengal and Darul Huda Off Campus Mumbai Qawtul Islam Arabic College are listed. All the off-campuses are madrasas under the supervision of the same university and the education system here is also found in these madrasas and is implemented 100%.

Outwardly, the madrasas who are coming to Jamia Darulhuda Islamia Changalstan are from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, Bengal, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. A total of 152 programs have been organized for all these Madrasahs with a total enrollment of 856 students. It is hoped that all off campuses will participate with enthusiasm and write a golden chapter of success. And at the same time, the Madrasahs of Jamia Darul Huda Islamia, Gulistan, which are coming from Kerala, are fully 28 campuses for which 368 programs have been organized, in which the total number of students is 3784. This national competition certainly gives students from different states of India a great opportunity to think about their future and tomorrow. The competition is the guarantor of the future of the students of this country of India because this seminary is providing all the opportunities that the Taliban of Prophetic Sciences are becoming able to recognize themselves and beautify their lives and according to the passage of time, every field. I seem to be succeeding.

Let me tell you that I am Muhammad Fida Al-Mustafa, one of the students of this university. I can say that Jamia Darul Huda Islamia is certainly the best exponent of the school of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil Barelvi (peace be upon him) i.e. the school of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat. And if someone still does not understand, or someone’s intellect has been clouded, then they should visit the Jamia-e-Haza with their own pleasure and carefully examine the environment here, because believing what they have heard is in this modern world. It has become a common thing. You can’t say who is wrong and who is right until you see it with your own eyes and experience it. Yes, I believe that Jamia Darul-Hadi Islamia is a great academic institution following the Shafi’i school of Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jama’at.

We pray to Allah Ta’ala to accept the national competition “Lessons” organized by our Jamia and grant us the opportunity to serve the religion of Islam very well.

Akhr al-Abad: Muhammad Fida al-Mustafa
Phone Number: 9037099731
Degree Scholar: Darul Huda Islamia University, Malappuram, Kerala


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