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Jenks in India in the semi-finals in good shape and really alive; Six occasions where the pressure has reached men in blue

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On Thursday, England won India In the semi-finals of T20 Globalism Trophy and I made sure that one of the world’s richest councils still lacked silver in the FIFA World Cup since 2013. It’s been more than nine years and one thing remains the same: getting close, but so far – losing the semi-finals. Thursday’s loss was among the many knockout losses suffered by Team India. We take a look at previous occasions that confirm that India has yet to jinx in the semi-finals.

1987- It was the semi-finals of the Reliance World Cup – the first such global tournament to be played in the Global South – developing nations. Now India is suddenly up against its colonial masters at the famous Wankidi Stadium. They won the lottery, but made a mistake in judging by stepping in first. England scored a more than respectable score (in those times) of 254/6 on 50 points. Graham Gooch scored a hundred (115 from 136 balls), and was ably supported by Mike Gatting (56 from 62 balls). In response, India had a good start, but the hitters failed to take off. The likes of Chris Srikanth, Sunil Gavaskar and Navjot Singh Sidhu were all fired despite their good starts. Only the young Muhammad Azhar al-Din Samad scored 64 brave, but this was not enough. England won the match by 35 points. Surprisingly, Gooch was the man of the match despite four goals from Eddie Hemmings and three against Neil Foster.

1996- In one of the most inauspicious World Cup matches in history, Sri Lanka either won or was forced to win when the Kolkata crowd swarmed into the famous Eden Gardens. Sri Lanka had hit first and was reduced to 35/3 in one stage. Despite this, they were left on the hook and managed to post 251 times on the board. After this everything that happened was definitely beyond imagination! The playing field began to turn square and it was the Lanky spinners who took control of the situation. Sanath Jayasuria hit crazy numbers on 3/12! Meanwhile, just Sachin Tendulkar He managed to negotiate the offer and scored fifty (65 out of 88). Once he was gone, the crowd quickly sensed the futility of the situation and started throwing water bottles and what wasn’t in a rage. Referee Clive Lloyd was forced to hand the match over to Sri Lanka. India was wiped out in an unexpected way with Vinod Kambli’s weeping face forever etched in fans’ memories.

2015-India started well in the tournament by beating arch-rivals Pakistan and South Africa. In fact, they beat every other team they faced, beating the Emirates, West Indies, Ireland and Zimbabwe only to go down when it mattered most. Facing the hosts, India lost the crucial draw to the iconic SCG in the second semi-final. Australia did a merry ride in Steve Smith’s Century (105 of 93). Meanwhile, Aaron Finch played the second violin, scoring 81 of 116 balls. Chase 329, an Indian editorial that gave them a good start. But once that situation was broken, they were reduced to 178/5 despite Ajinkya Rahane’s 44th bravery. However, with their ever-increasing running rate, they’ve never looked like a win. master MS Dhoni Ren A Bull scored 65, but it was too late.

2016-After losing to New Zealand so poorly in the opening match, MS Dhoni did a really good job breaking into the quarter-finals on the back of some impressive victories over Pakistan, Bangladesh and Australia. However, against the West Indies, they had a formidable unit that just knew how to play the modern day game in a better way. India had won by throwing at Wankidi and the man was riding fit Virat Kohli (89 of 47 balls), they scored a goal of 193. But as the merit spread under the night sky, bowlers struggled to control the ball and the men in the maroon made the most of it. Except for Ashish Nehra, every other player’s economy averaged in the Northern Ten. But the champion was Lyndell Simmons who defeated 82 of 51 while Andre Russell scored 43 of 20 as West Indies won two balls.

2019- After just one loss in the entire tournament, India went out to face tough New Zealand in the semi-final match. On top of that, they also had to contend with rain and wet conditions at Old Trafford as the match lasted for two days! New Zealand had fought first and managed to publish 239/8 on July 9 on a solid half century of veteran Ross Taylor. He scored 74 out of 90 and was brilliantly supported by Ken Williamson who scored 67 goals. When India went out to hunt the next day, the target looked tough and the higher order was blown up. Only Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni resisted. While the former scored 77, Doni scored 50 before a sharp throw from Martin Gopetel found him lacking in the wrinkle. In the end, Kohli and Sons failed by an 18-round lead.

Rohit Sharma leaves after losing a wicket in the semi-finals
Rohit Sharma leaves after losing a wicket in the semi-finals

2022-It’s no secret that India may not have played the best cricket in the entire tournament. They were defeated by a regular South African team, and struggled to reach the inaugural tournament against Bangladesh and the Netherlands. However, they managed to win and reach the semi-finals. The Pakistan match was only an aberration as India appeared to be thriving under pressure. Regardless, this match was a microcosm of their entire tournament. They started slowly and managed 38 passes in the opening powerplay. Later they were 136/4 by the end of the eighteenth. Had it not been for Hardik Pandya (63 out of 33), India would not have managed 168 in the first place. Meanwhile, England eliminated the competition in the opening match, racing to 63 races. In the end, they escaped the game as India showed no fight.

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