Jos Buttler Feels Australia ODIs are a good example of pair cricket losing its relevance



Just four days after Joss Butler lifted the T20 Globalism In Melbourne Trophy, he returned to the grind, captaining England in what was described as a “senseless” two-man ODI series against Australia. It’s another matter that England have lost all three matches – the last by a record margin – but Butler is unfazed by his side’s inert display.

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The ODI series was not part of the ICC’s Super League and England entered the field with a depleted squad with many of their players busy in Abu Dhabi as part of their preparations for the upcoming Test tour of Pakistan.

Team captain Butler told the BBC: “It’s always been a tough series for us, coming off the back of the World Cup. It was a couple of very far and fair play games with Australia, they beat us. It’s not like that. It’s part of the ranking system.” [Super League] So there isn’t much in the games as it is.”

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He added, “Anytime England play Australia you want to put in good performances, but it was tough. To be honest, I’m not at all bothered by the results. We had exactly what we wanted.” [the tour to] Australia “.

He appealed to the governing bodies for solutions to make the two-string series relevant, citing the Australia series as a good example of how not to do so.

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“Just to take care of it, find a way to keep it all fit. Maybe ICC tournaments should be more spread out: it gives you more time to prepare and it probably makes it more special when it comes too,” said Butler.

“The nature of cricket has changed dramatically over the past few years, and we’re in a different time. A lot of people talk about how to maintain a twosome cricket relationship and I think this series is a good example of how that probably shouldn’t be done.”

The amount of cricket being played has also dampened interest among fans in Melbourne cricket Ground, the venue for the Third International Conference, had a record attendance of just 10,406 fans against its capacity of 90,000.

Butler is also concerned that players are not getting enough time away from cricket as the series overlaps, forcing them to pick and choose their formats.

“I think one of the biggest things is there are overlapping series. We have a group of players preparing for a Test series that starts soon in Pakistan and we have a team playing here at the same time. In the new year, a Test match [in New Zealand] It ends one day, and the ODI series starts the next day in Bangladesh.”

“I feel a little bit about the guys, to be honest — those little guys who are just getting into the game right now. You want to play all the formats and I don’t think the schedule really gives you that opportunity right now.”

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