Kaif’s stern warning to Team India, highlights a major problem ahead of the 2023 water cycle



Team India He stands among the superpowers of cricket across the world, but what is the fact that he has yet to get his hands on the ICC Trophy 2023. The hunt stretched on after Rohit Sharma & Co were knocked out by England in the T20 Globalism Semi-final cup. With the team’s vision being to repeat history at home next year at the 50-Year World Cup, team selection will be one of the key aspects in deciding India’s fate.

After the dismissal of the selection committee led by Chetan Sharma, the new body is yet to be appointed. They will have the burden of providing a group of 15 people who will help the team achieve its goal. But before that happened, former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif raised a point of players’ support.

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In the past 12 months, the management of the Indian team has mostly followed the bat and try method with a large group of players. As it turned out to be ineffective in securing a world title for India, Kaif was of the opinion that the team should support the players they want to play in the 2023 World Cup.

talk with Amazon Prime In the video, Kaif questioned Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s absence from overseas matches in New Zealand.

“Why Bhuvneshwar Kumar wasn’t in the team, I have no clue. He’s a good ball player, but he’s not part of the team. In looking for new players, we lose the old ones. There is a saying: we lose gold in search of diamonds.”

“You had good players in the squad so that shouldn’t be the case. If you’re supporting someone, please do it well. Preparation starts here, there’s no time for experiments. Months will pass, and suddenly you’ll find yourself close to the World Cup. So You decide the players and continue to support them.”

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Kaif further referred to the exclusion of Imran Malik from India’s squad for the T20 World Cup and stated that he should be well supported.

“Imran Malik, the extra pace we talk about so much, (Jaspreet) hit a boomerang in the T20 World Cup, no one has ever had that kind of speed. The three snails – Arshdeep (Singh), Bhuvneshwar Kumar and (Mohammed) Shami, they all chime in Almost the same pace. In the World Cup, we lost someone who can stack 145 boxes per hour. Someone like Imran Malik, definitely has his back from here on out,” Kaif concluded.

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