Kevin Hart on comedy in today’s ‘cancel culture’ world



Kevin Hart on comedy in today's world
Kevin Hart on comedy in today’s ‘cancel culture’ world

Kevin Hart believes it never hurts to be aware of their jokes and there should be an opportunity for everyone to learn from their mistakes.

Hart, 43, appeared on a new episode of Verywell mind Podcast on Monday, November 21, 2022, with host and licensed therapist Amy Morin to discuss his original audiobook Monsters and how to tame them.

Asked by the host if he should be “more careful” with the jokes he makes in the “world of ‘cancel culture’ nowadays,” Hart replied, “Sure.”

“Let’s be honest, I think there were a lot of changes that were needed and necessary, right? And I think awareness is something we all have to prioritize. Just awareness,” said Hart. “We are learning to understand each other better, and in doing so, we must pay respect to that.”

He continued, “Now, there’s a high level of sensitivity. There’s a high level of opinion in today’s time because social media has given the world a range of platforms for people to be able to express themselves and how they feel.”

He added, “So now you hear the things that we don’t hear on a regular basis. The conversations that you might not have been aware of are, well, what you hear because it’s all happening in real time.”

“With that being said, we can never lose sight of the idea of ​​laughing at ourselves.”

The comedian added that he does his best to be an example of “transparency” and “honesty and talking about things that some people wouldn’t consider or find funny”.

Hart said: “I feel like there’s a line being drawn now, some people are scrambling around it and some people are aggressively crossing it. What we need to do better is find a balance to where we can all stand that line, no matter which side you’re on, and hold each other’s hand.” Some knowing we mean no harm. That, I think, is the goal at hand.”

The CIA The actor expressed that there should be room for second chances, allowing people to grow and learn from their mistakes.

“We forget that there has to be a world that offers an opportunity for improvement. Without that, what is the —? Where do we go?”

“If everything is considered bad once it’s over and there’s nothing else you can do because you did the thing and it’s all for you, well, what the hell is that? You have to make mistakes to learn and basically have real-life examples of what you’re supposed to grow.” from him “.

according to PeopleHart faced controversy in 2018 when he was announced as the host of the Academy Awards. Twitter users retweeted his old offensive tweets towards the LGBT community from nearly a decade ago. Hart eventually quit the role.

Last year, the comedian told sunday times, “I’ve been canceled on, what, three or four times? I never bother. If you let it affect you, it will. Personally? That’s not how I work. I understand that people are human. Everyone can change.”


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