Kim Petras continues to advocate for working with Dr. Luke as Kesha’s trial approaches

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Kim Petras continues to advocate for working with Dr. Luke as Keshas' trial approaches
Kim Petras continues to advocate for working with Dr. Luke as Kesha’s trial approaches

Kim Petras has defended working with music producer Dr Luke as Kesha’s trial approaches.

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, a Coconut The crooner took to Twitter and tweeted, “Be talented or good at anything then talk to me [sic],” which seemed to be a shadow of her haters.

Under her original tweet, a fan responded, “Stop defending Dr. Luke first,” referring to allegations of sexual abuse made by singer Kesha.

The singer then defended her decision to work with the music producer, “5,000,000 people they work with why do they just come to me. I have absolutely nothing to say or be ashamed of. They walk away.” The singer has since deleted her response tweet.

The heated online discussion took place just two months after an experiment involving Kesha and Dr. Luke.

according to Rolling StoneDr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, sued Kesha in New York in October 2014, the same day she sued him in Los Angeles. Her complaint alleged that the music producer impregnated her with an unknown substance and raped her during nearly a decade of alleged sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

according to TMZPetras continued with her many fans back and forth, but eventually gave up while also deleting most of her tweets. She indicated that she was “tired of arguing”.

Previously, Petras made a statement in 2018 about the case with interview magazine, when asked about her collaboration with Dr. Locke. “My response is that, as I know him, he has been really wonderful and supportive of me and I learn a lot from him. He was a really nice person and I just wasn’t around when the whole thing was [with Kesha] He got off, but in my experience he’s a great guy and I had a great time working with him.”

That same year, Troye Sivan faced backlash when he invited the singer on tour with him back in 2018. In response, the Australian star shared a letter explaining why he chose to book Kim as his support act.

He said the opinions conveyed in these interviews did not align with my personal values ​​for the tour. “People make mistakes, and people make mistakes. I’ve always said that it’s the way you grow and learn from your mistakes that really matters.”

Troy added that he wanted to “treat Kim the same way I like to be treated when the inevitable big mess comes along.”


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