Legendary cricketer advice to India after T20 World Cup disappointment


Should India follow the lead of England and Australian cricket teams and start building two separate sides of the white ball and red ball formats? Legendary Anil Kumble thinks so and also wants the management of the Indian team to start investing all over the world.

Suggestions keep pouring in from all sides that will seemingly help India Moving on from the old phase of conservative cricket and embracing the changing landscape of white ball cricket they failed to do. This has resulted in them being sent back without titles from the ICC events for nine consecutive years now.

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“Sure, you need separate teams. You definitely need T20 specialists. I think what this English team showed, even the last (T20) Globalism The Australian Cup champions showed that you need to invest in a lot of competitors. “Look at the order of the multiplication,” said Comple. ESPNcricinfo.

Comble cited how England developed an enviable depth of eleven in seeing someone like Liam Livingston come down to bat up to No. 7.

“Today Liam Livingston is competing for seventh. No other team has a No. 7 in Livingston quality. (Marcus) Stoinis is going No. 6 (for Australia). That is the kind of team you have to build. That is something you need to invest in.”

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There have also been suggestions to assign different captains and coaches to the formats but Kumble isn’t sure if that would help.

“I’m not really sure if you need a different captain or a different coach. It all depends on the team you pick and then you choose how you want to build support and leadership around it.”

However, former Australian cricketer Tom Moody wants India to consider the detached coach’s style. England have Brendon McCollum as coach of their Test team while Matthew Mott has been tasked with forming their Limited Teams.

“I think there is no doubt that going forward, whether it is a player or support department, there has to be a serious look in this chapter. England seem to have a huge difference between the red ball team and the white ball team. They have created a depth of quality,” Moody said. “.

With England now holding both the ODI and T20 World Cups simultaneously, should they be considered the best white ball team in history?

“In terms of England being the best white ball team (of all time), I don’t think they are there yet. If they had won the UAE in the last T20 World Cup, you could make an argument, but they weren’t in it. So they missed the World Cup there. “They missed that kind of tournament dominance,” Modi said.

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