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Pleated air filter

What do you think of when you hear the word filter? Maybe a spam filter on your emails. or your car’s air filter. Have you considered an air filter for your home heating system? Probably not – which is why we want to have this conversation with you. Air filter (aka blower filterYour HVAC system is important to how it works, and it needs attention every once in a while or it can cause mild to severe problems with the heating of your home.

Don’t worry, this isn’t too complicated, and we don’t require you to do much work on your heater. You only need to know the basics of the filter and how to change it. Once you do this, you will enjoy better heating results and avoid future problems.

Blower filter function

We will first tell you what this filter does Not She does, but many people assume she is. It does not clean the air in your home. It removes some of the dust that might be spread around the house, but it won’t have any significant impact on the air quality. If you are looking for an air purifier filter, such as a whole house filter, you can contact our technicians to arrange installation

The actual function of the blower filter is to protect the interior of the heating system from invading dust, lint, lint, and any other debris that comes in through the return air ducts. The blower assembly draws air through this filter, and the filter traps unwanted particles so they don’t enter the HVAC cabinet. Without the filter in place, the heater will soon coagulate with dust and wear out quickly.

Change the blower filter

Since this filter is not self-cleaning, it will continue to collect debris until it becomes clogged. This takes 1-3 months depending on the strength of the candidate. Basic panel filters will get very dirty after only 1 month, while pleated filters will often last 3 months. When the filter becomes crowded, you will need to change it.

This is not difficult. First, locate the filter. It will either be in a slot next to the blower assembly on the heater (at the point where the return duct connects to the HVAC cabinet) or behind the return duct cover on the home. Slide the existing filter out and place a clean filter, making sure it is facing the correct direction. The filter will have arrows to show which direction to face. Thats all about it!

Consequences of a clogged filter

What happens if you No Change the filter regularly and leave the clogged filter in place? a lot of problems!

  • Low energy efficiency and high heating bills
  • Decreased air flow from the vents
  • heating power loss
  • Contaminated dust and dirt slide around the opening and into the heater
  • The HVAC system overheats and turns off

When you change your blower filter regularly, you’ll help avoid it Heating Repair in Fairfax, Virginia And enjoy reliable, energy-saving warmth.

Contact B&B Air Conditioning & Heating Service for your heating needs. we always There when you need us.

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