Logik Washing Machine Error Codes

Logik Washing Machine Error Codes

Logik Washing Machine Error Codes

Washing Machine is useful Product from Every home And it is a product used in every home Sometimes it contains an error code. We can fix some error codes at home and we need to call a technician to fix some error codes. In this post you will find all the error codes of Logik washing machine and I hope you will benefit a lot from this post. If you find it helpful, please share this

Error CodesMeaning
E1Locking door function malfunction. What to do: Re-close the door.
E2Draining malfunction. What to do: Rinse the filter of draining pump, examine whether the drainpipe is blocked.
E3Temperature pickup malfunction. What to do: Ask a qualified technician to repair it.
E4Heating malfunction (display after procedure operation). What to do: Ask a qualified technician to repair it.
E5Water intake malfunction. What to do: Check the water pressure is too low or water supply is cut off.
E7There is a lot of foam in the washing machine or motor failure. What to do: Select and run a programme to fill and then drain the washing machine or ask a qualified technician to repair it.
E8Water overflow. What to do: Ask a qualified technician to repair it.
E10Inlet water overtime of 7 min. What to do: Open the water tap, to check if the inlet hose is squashed or kinked, check the filter in the inlet valve is blocked or not; check if the water pressure is too low.
E21Overtime 3 min of the drainage. What to do: Check if the drain pump is blocked.
E30The door has not been closed over 3 times. What to do: Check if the door of the washing machine is closed. Check if the clothes is pinned by the door.
U6Washing machine has an unbalanced load protection function. When unbalanced weight is greater than allowable maximum, the washing machine will not spin and will run at a low speed to avoid abnormal vibration and noise.

Logik washing machine problems:

Buttons don’t workChild lock is activated. Deactivate the child lock function.
Door doesn’t openThe water temperature or level could be too high.
If you start a wrong programme accidentallyFirst press Start/Pause button or turn the Programme Dial to 0(Off) position. Secondly turn the Programme Dial to the correct programme, spin speed or optional function you want. Press the Start / Pause button to start the new programme. (Note: We suggest that you do not change the programme after the machine has been running for 3 minutes.)
Unusual odourRubber parts and the motors may give off a smell when you first start using the washing machine, but this goes away over time. You should wash the drum once a month.
You can’t see any waterThis is normal: The water level is below the window
There’s no water going into the washing machine.The water tap might be turned off.
There’s only a small amount of water.If you have paused the programme and you restart, the washing machine may drain some water. Don’t pour water in through the door.
Water adds up during washing.This is normal: water is supplied automatically as the level lowers, and with heavy loads the water may fill up repeatedly.
The washing machine does not spin.The rinse hold may be active. Press the Rinse Hold button to continue. If a small load is in the washing machine, it may be detected as an unbalanced load and may stop spinning after a number of attempts. Select the manual spin.
There’s no water going into the washing machine during rinse operation.Before rinsing, the washing machine spins to drain water remaining from the wash. The water will fill up after that.
During the spin-dry, the drum stops and rotates several times.This is normal. The washing machine has detected an unbalanced load and is trying to correct it.
Foam and water remain in the door or door seal.Although foam and water may remain, it does not have any influence on the performance of a rinse.
Spin starting is repeated.This is normal. Although spin starting may be repeated, it is a function made to spin quietly.
There’s a lot of foamThe amount of foam can vary depending on the temperature, level and softness of your water.
There’s a residue of powder detergent at the end of the washThis can happen if you’ve put powder detergent directly into the drum – you must put it in the detergent drawer.
There’s a noise when the water drains awayThis is normal, it’s the pump starting and stopping.
The electricity supply cuts out while the washing machine’s onThe washing machine will stop (do not open the door if the machine is full of water). When the power comes back on, the washing machine will continue the programme.
The water supply is disruptedWhen the water comes back on, it may be impure at first. You’ll need to disconnect the water-supply hose and drain any impure water through the tap before using your washing machine again. Remember to re-connect the water supply hose first.
Excessive foam in the detergent drawerPress the Start/Pause button. Change the programme to the Rinse selection to manually rinse and drain the drum. Use the correct amount of detergent next time.

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