Longest Bitcoin Rally in 5 Months, Ether Up and XRP Jump 19%; Find out the prices



Cryptocurrency Prices continued to rise for the second consecutive session after Bitcoin surged to a four-week high in the previous day’s trading session. The most famous in the world CryptocurrencyBitcoin crossed the $44,000 mark as the global cryptocurrency market was generally trading in the green.

The value of Ether, the coin linked to the Ethereum blockchain and the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, also rose more than 4 percent to $3,143. It fell to a six-month low in late January, but since then ether, the token used on the Ethereum blockchain, has risen about 48 percent. Similarly, Binance Coin stock rose nearly 4 percent to $434.

Dogecoin price rose more than 5 percent to $0.16 while Shiba Inu rose more than 12 percent to $0.00033. The performance of other currencies also improved as XRP rose by 24 percent while Stellar, Avalanche, Cardano, Polygon, Terra, Polkadot and Solana were trading with gains in the range of 5-11 percent over the past 24 hours.

“the total crypto market Trading volume has increased by more than 47 percent in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading in the green for another day in a row above the USD44,000 and USD3,000 levels. BTC resistance is located between $45,000-$47,000, and support holds at $40K. BTC has broken a downtrend that has been going for the past two months. Idol Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Mudrex, said on seeing the recent bounce, the rally in the price of BTC became less bearish.

According to the market cap, other cryptocurrencies are also in the green. Idol Patel said that XRP, Polygon, Shiba Inu and Gala showed good growth compared to the previous day.

Valkyrie Capital’s Bitcoin Mining ETF focused on renewable energy has been approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and is set to go live Tuesday on the Nasdaq under the ticker “WGMI” — the crypto community’s acronym for “We’ll Work on achieve it.” The Valkyrie Bitcoin Mining ETF primarily focuses on companies that use at least 77% of renewable energy.

KPMG Canada also announced that it has invested directly in Bitcoin and Ethereum – the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. This move is the latest among the growing trend of large institutional players to add cryptocurrency to their balance sheets, including MicroStrategy, Square and Tesla.

Here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies and their prices on February 8, 2022 (data from coinmarketcap.com at the time this article was published)

Bitcoin $44807.94 or 4.90 percent over the past 24 hours

Ethereum $3,183.35 or 3.14 percent gain in the last 24 hours

Cardano $1.23 or 5.44 percent gain in the last 24 hours

Assess a loss of $1.00 or 0.00 percent in the last 24 hours

Terra $58.64 or 0.58 percent gain in the last 24 hours

XRP $0.8902 or 98.02 percent gain in the last 24 hours

Solana $117.92, or 0.19 percent loss in the past 24 hours

Avalanche of $81.59, or 4.24 percent, gain in the past 24 hours

Binance $1.00 or 0.04 percent gain in the last 24 hours

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