Martyrdom of Babri Masjid and Muslim nation

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Martyrdom of Babri Masjid and Muslim nation

December 6 is an unforgettable date for the Muslims of India, in which the great historic Babri Masjid, which was located in the land of Ajodhya, was destroyed by the program of the bigoted Hindu party Vishwahindu Parishad, BJP, Bajrang Dal, and Shiv Sena parties. It was razed to the ground – It is clear from credible sources and evidence that the Prime Minister of India Narasimha Rao and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh were also secretly involved in this evil conspiracy of these people. were participants, because the Babri Masjid was being martyred in the presence of several thousand army troops, and all the army troops as well as the members and staff remained spectators. What was the purpose of sending these forces and soldiers? The point of surprise is that if the government of that time was asked about the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the sending of troops and soldiers, it would have replied that if the troops and soldiers were sent to stop the Hindus by force and to demolish the mosque and destroy the temple. Had there been a ban on the construction, there would have been a lot of bloodshed, and I did not approve of the bloodshed. It is surprising that in the land of Ajodhya, because of the bloodshed, shackles were put on the hands of the soldiers and chains on the feet – the result of which And the result of Azhar Man Al-Shams and Abin Man Alams was that the Babri Masjid was martyred, and at that time sectarian fire broke out across the length and breadth of the country. Through his guns and cannons, the blood of thousands of Muslims was played with Holi, their wives became widows, and children became orphans, shops were looted, houses were set on fire. When there were attacks on honor and dignity, the administration and government of that time did not cry or grieve. It was a pity and why? That the intentions and wishes of the period had come true, at that time it was clear and transparent from all these movements and ideas that all the plans were carried out under secrecy and are still being carried out today.
At that time, there was sadness when Hindus were being killed in Ajodhya, but there was no sadness when the Muslim nation was oppressed, tyranny, violence and brutality were heated in the whole country. It does not belong to a fair ruler, but to a cruel, oppressive, rebellious, rebellious, bigoted and envious person.
The martyrdom of the Babri Masjid and the bloodshed of the Muslim nation has had such an impact on our society that it is impossible to express with the tip of the pen – the eyes are wet, the hearts are sad and pensive, the tongues wail. There are waves, steps are wavering, arms and legs are suffering from weakness and infirmity, because the organs of Raisa are looking injured and sick, not only the Muslims of India but also the nations of the world wish that what is really happening on the land of India. What happened in relation to the Babri Masjid is a very cruel, brutal, barbaric, ignorant, bigoted, usurping, monstrous character and action – and a degree of injustice and loss of rights to the minority –
Cruel! You are carrying out a campaign based on your ambitions and in which you consider your victory and success, in fact, there is neither your success nor bravery nor religious performance in it – therefore all these things you have done by your deception and deceit. Have brought into existence with the support and protection of your abundance and government – remember it well! Achieving dominance by deception, cunning and cunning, subduing the minority under the weight of one’s own abundance, defeating the people by using the government’s time is not the way of chivalry and military rule.
Muslims! The rains of sufferings and sorrows of the present age, the desecration of religious objects and the defamation of the slogan of Islam make us feel that due to your negligence, opportunities are being provided to the poor, your patience has reached its limits, you Having lost a lot, your silence and indifference have created movements in the speech organs of the traitors in the language of the country, your Muslim honor and faith are being undermined, your religious dignity is being undermined, your religious dignity and honor are being undermined. All possible efforts are being made to raise faith – Muslims! get up! Wake up! Come out of the valley of dreamlessness and subdue the doors and roofs of the house of falsehood, come out of the darkness of cowardice and show the essence of bravery and twist the claws of the tyrants and miscreants. Let it happen, teach the lost ambitions of the Muslim society a lesson of elevation and courage with your glory, grandeur and pomp, you set such an example of your unity and agreement that the inhabitants of the world will be impressed and the coin of your greatness will be in their hearts. It should be awakened that in front of the majesty of the believer and the glory of faith, the nations of the world have no choice but to bow down and fight against it.
Every moment is a new glory of the believer
Evidence of Allah in character in speech
Muslims! We don’t need to be frightened by the material powers of the tyrannical country, the apparent tools and weapons and the support of the government, and the efforts of many people. For us are the powers of faith, La Qantu, great capital and great wealth, for us is the crown of the grace of the children of Adam, for us is the Qur’an, and for us the Qur’an speaks, and you are the believers, we are supported by grace. The support of Rabbi Karham Mustafa, the support of the saints of Allah, we have courage on the honesty and trustworthiness of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, we have courage on the justice and courage of Hazrat Umar Farooq Azam, we have strength on the generosity and generosity of Hazrat Dhul-Nureen, we have strength. On the Birth of Hazrat Ali Sher God

Islam will not sink your pulse until the end
In your veins is the blood of a lively friend

Due to this communal riot, severe loss of life and property was caused in Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad, Bhopal, Surat, Kanpur, Benares, Assam, Calcutta, Patna etc., innocent Muslims were chained and prisoners were beaten and beaten. It is also my turn, I pray that Allah, the Most High, through the help of Nabi Akram, Sayyid Ulama, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, make the Muslims a figure of truthfulness, justice, faithfulness, courage and strength in the hands and arms of the Muslims, courage, courage, strength and power. Grant them the essence, make their hearts pure, pure and pure, give them the title of Ghazi and Mujahid by giving them the title of Ghazi and Mujahideen, and instill terror in the hearts and minds of the Aghyars so that the Muslim conqueror and Nasir will be the flag bearer. May Islam be waved in all four corners of the world, and the discussion of the Four Hundred and High Kalimat-ul-Haq should continue, and the memory of the early centuries will be refreshed when you see the Muslims.

Be gentle like silk
If there is truth or falsehood, steel is a believer

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