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People are taking interest in every session of this three-day celebration of Urdu language and are participating in it in large numbers.

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Anyone who has a little affection for Urdu is being drawn towards the three-day Jashan Rekhta at Delhi’s Dhyan Chand Stadium. By the way, the three-day festival of Urdu language and Indian culture Jashan-e-Rekhta was inaugurated on December 2 by well-known personality and famous Urdu poet Javed Akhtar and after that there was also a Ghazal program by Harihar, but yesterday it was officially canceled. Many meetings were held, in which a meeting was also held this year on the completion of 200 years of Urdu journalism.

The three-day festival Jashan-e-Rekhta featured a session on poetry and its impact on one’s life and art, focusing on the natural harmony of Indian traditions and how words repeat universal truths over time. Dia Mirza said, “This session is about my relationship with poetry, especially Rabindran Sangeet.” The poems guided me. He said that whenever he got a new role to play, he always used that connection with Urdu.

It should be noted that actress Dia Mirza, who grew up in a multicultural family in Hyderabad, portrayed civilization not only as a respect and love for literature in its various forms but also as a way of life. “This is what made me and helped me express myself,” he said.

A young poet expressed his feelings like this in Mushaira. Crying and crying, I should not die without death, may God unite me with my Eve. People took interest in every meeting of Jashan Urdu and attended in large numbers.

According to an English newspaper report, Sanjeev Saraf, founder of the Rekhta Foundation, the world’s largest website and resource for Urdu poetry and literature, says, “This festival is for lovers of the language and its rich history and culture. is to be celebrated.” For the past seven years, he has been carrying out this effort and he says, “There is a growing interest in Urdu poetry among the youth. Keeping in mind that most of our readers cannot read the Urdu script, we have included the material available on the Rekhta website in Roman and Devanagari. “People of all ages can enjoy Urdu poetry and poetry,” he said. It’s a joy to see such engagement with fiction.”

In this three-day celebration of Urdu, personalities like Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah, Shabana Azmi, Hariharan, Muzaffar Ali, Kumar Vishwas, Shilpa Rao, Pratibha Singh are included. Celebrities like Shane Kaaf Nizam, Shakeel Azmi, Udayan Vajpayee and Farhat Ehsaas are also adding to the glamor of this festival.

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