Medical experts worry about smartphone addiction in children



According to doctors, mental and nervous stress diseases are common in children due to excessive use of smartphones. Parents can ensure children’s health by controlling screen time.

Medical experts concern over smartphone addiction in Pakistani children
Medical experts concern over smartphone addiction in Pakistani children


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Nowadays, the use of modern communication devices, especially smartphones, has brought revolutionary changes in human lives. The smartphone is considered one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. There is no doubt that the smartphone has opened new doors of knowledge and awareness to the common people along with creating immense ease in sexual and social connections.

However, along with the numerous benefits of this one of the most important milestones of human development, the harms associated with its misuse have also been scientifically proven. Currently, medical experts around the world are busy spreading awareness about these harmful effects. With more than 18 million mobile users, Pakistan is also one of the countries in the world where the use of mobile phones is high.

Had to leave the job

In the past few years, the smartphone has reached every household, from children to people of all ages. Muhammad Zubair, a resident of Karachi city, was involved in the IT sector and worked in a software company for ten years.

However, a year ago he left the IT sector and started a new business of his own. Speaking to DW, Mohammad Zubair said that after studying information technology for eight years, he had to leave a good job only because his doctor had forbidden him to use electronic devices for more than four hours a day. .

According to 32-year-old Muhammad Zubair, he was constantly complaining of pain in his neck and spine. When this complaint did not go away, he got his medical examination done. The doctor told him that due to the constant use of laptops and mobile phones, his neck is now changing its shape after being tilted more to one side and due to this, the vertebrae of the spine are also slipping out of place. This medical doctor suggested that Zubair undergo physiotherapy as well as change his routine to relieve the pain.

Smartphone use among young children

Such problems are not only faced by young people like Muhammad Zubair. In Pakistan, the negative effects of using smartphones by young children are also coming to light. Medical experts are calling the increasing use of smartphones among children as dangerous for their health. These experts say that now all the activities of young people, including young children, are dependent on mobile phones.

Dr. Mughiz Sherani is a Consultant Neurologist at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT). While talking to DW, he said, “In recent days, there is a lot of use of mobile phones among children and adults. It has many advantages, but along with it, the negative effects of this situation are also coming to light on the society.

He said that due to continuous mobile typing in elderly people, the nerves of the hand are affected and many times it leads to surgery. Similarly, too much use of electronic devices by children affects their brain. Dr. Sherani said, “According to an American study, frequent use of mobile phones increases the chances of cancer in children. Also, children feel alone and suffer from social isolation.”

The neurologist added, “Spending too much time in one place increases laziness in children and as a result they become obese. Along with physical changes at a young age, their ability to think and understand is also affected. Constantly looking at the screen causes complaints of headaches. Then there is a complaint of pain in the neck. And then the effect on the spine begins to read.

Effects of mobile phones on physical and mental health

According to Prof. Dr. Abid Mehdi Kazmi, Head of Department of Physiotherapy at Dr. Ziauddin University, staring at laptop, desktop and mobile phone screens for a long time also damages the eyes. He said, “The blue light emitted by these screens damages the eyes in many ways. You may notice that your children’s eyes are red, they keep rubbing their eyes or they complain of blurred vision. Apart from this, problems related to joint pain, neck pain and headache are very common.”

He said that if preventive measures are not taken, problems related to physical health worsen, “including premature sagging of the body, i.e. hunchback.” This is the first harmful effect of mobile phones on children. Too much text or message typing can lead to tendinitis. This includes nerve and muscle tension. Holding the mobile incorrectly can lead to pain in the hands, back and neck.”

Dr. Mughiz Sherani said that continuous screen viewing also affects the brain. “Young children tend to get stressed and worry about everything,” he said. Along with mood swings and general impatience, children are also more prone to stress, anxiety and depression.”

How to avoid smartphone damage?

University of Karachi Professor Dr. Naima Shehryar while talking to DW said that there is a need for awareness about using mobile phones in a safe and responsible manner. He said that in this regard, it is important to determine some rules and duration of phone use, especially for children.

Dr. Mughiz says that adequate sleep is very important for good health. He says, “Turn off your cell phone before going to bed to create a regular sleep schedule. Teach children to have short conversations on cell phones. Parents themselves should reduce the use of mobile phones. Children will also see its effects and they will also limit its use. He suggested that children should spend some time running, playing or walking every day.

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