Mian Saleem Raza, one of the main characters of the Judge Arshad Malik video scandal, has given his resignation after 3 years


Mian Saleem Raza, an important character of Judge Arshad Malik video scandal, passed away after 3 years…

London (Mujtaba Ali Shah) Mian Salim Raza, one of the main characters of the Judge Arshad Malik video scandal, has announced his resignation after 3 years. had gone.

According to the details, Mian Saleem Raza while talking to journalists said that the senior officer of FIA came to London in October 2019 to hold a press conference against Nawaz Sharif, to destroy him for not making false statements and to put his name on the list of most wanted persons. Threatened, even assured of political status and financial benefits and government patronage in Pakistan for perjury.

Mian Salim Raza further said that I made it clear to the authorities that I will die but I will not give a false confession against Nawaz Sharif. Nothing to do with the video, he told the FIA ​​people that they will not believe the truth against Nawaz Sharif and will not tell a lie. I exist.

It should be noted that when the Judge Arshad Malik scandal came to light, Shahzad Akbar had made serious allegations against Mian Saleem Raza on TV. According to Shahzad Akbar’s claim, Mian Saleem Raza had bought the objectionable video of Judge Arshad Malik for 20 million rupees. Salim Raza had denied all allegations of blackmailing Shahzad Akbar, Mian Salim Raza fled to Thailand on July 9, 2019, three days after the video of Judge Arshad Malik surfaced.

According to Mian Salim Raza, Tariq Mehmood had met Judge Arshad Malik, both of them suddenly came to my house on July 1st. wanted to tell how he was blackmailed, Mian Saleem Raza further said that Judge Arshad Malik said that next time I should go to jail and convey my shame and request for forgiveness to Nawaz Sharif, I made it clear that my status Not that I would convey such things to them, I was abandoned by my relatives and friends when I came to London, due to which I suffered from mental depression and trauma. Seeing Nawaz Sharif deal with the situation gave me courage, otherwise he would have committed suicide.

According to Mian Salim Raza, his children were expelled from school, my family is still living in hiding, Shahbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah should conduct an impartial investigation of the cases against me, my name should be removed from the list of wanted persons. Justice should be given to me so that I can go to my homeland.

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