Mitsubishi error code list jpg by fully4world

Mitsubishi error code list

we face sometimes error code in AC. In this post you can see Mitsubishi error code list in jpg and you can solve fault after see this error code list .

P1Intake sensor error
P2P9 pipe (liquid or 2-phase pipe) sensor error E6 E7 indoor / outdoor unit communication error
P4Drain Sensor error
P5Drain Pump error
PAForced compressor error
P6Freezing/Overheating safeguard operation
EECommunication error between indoor and outdoor units
P8Pipe temperature error
E4Remote controller signal receiving error
FbIndoor unit control system error
E0E3 Remote controller transmission error
E1E2 Remote controller Control board error
For details, check the LED display of the outdoor controller board
E9Indoor /outdoor unit communication error(transmitting error) (outdoor unit)
UPCompressor overcurrent interruption
U3U4 Open/short of outdoor unit thermistors
UFCompressor overcurrent interruption (when compressor locked)
U2Abnormal high discharging temperature/49C worked/insufficient refrigerant
U1Ud Abnormal high pressure (63H worked)/overheating safeguard operation
U5Abnormal temperature of heat sink
U8Outdoor unit fan safeguard stop
U6Compressor overcurrent interruption/abnormal of power module
U7Abnormality of super heat due to low discharge temperature
05Can not receive signal for 35 seconds (if communication have recovered)
35Cooling high pressure control
36Compressor overheat (115c)
37Outdoor heat exchanger sensor is abnormal
38Outdoor air temperature sensor is abnormal
39Discharge pipe sensor is abnormal (anomalous stop)
42Current cut
47Active filter voltage error
48Outdoor unit’s fan motor is abnormal
51Short circuit in the power transistor (high side) current cut circuit breakdown
57Refrigeration cycle system protective control
58Current safe
59Compressor wiring is unconnection voltage drop-low speed protective control
60Rotor lock
61Connection lines between the indoor and outdoor units are faulty
62Serial transmission error
80Indoor units fan motor is abnormal
82Indoor heat exchanger sensor is abnormal (anomalous stop)
84Anti-condensation control
85Anti-frost control
86Heating high pressure control

Mitsubishi error code list jpg

Mitsubishi error code list

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