Mizoram Football Association and Reliance Foundation have kicked off the inaugural season of the Nobang League



Mizoram Football Association and Reliance Foundation, the CSR arm of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), launched the Reliance Foundation Young Champs (RFYC) Naupang League in Mizoram in November 2022.

The opening weekends in Aisole and Champaign saw more than 1,300 girls and boys get excited about playing and celebrating their love of football.

The Naupang League aims to develop local ecosystems and enable aspiring and talented footballers as young as 5 years old, both boys and girls, to gain competitive experience and practice. In addition, allowing more children to participate and play continuously throughout the year and build Indian football talent.

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Ramhlun Veng U-13 coach Lalthatluanga said, “We are training hard for Naupang League. We start practice at 6 am for 3 hours where kids train hard and work on their fitness and also study games to learn more and play better. We are very happy that The Reliance Foundation Young Champs Naupang League is taking place here, as it’s the first time and everyone is excited about it. The Reliance Foundation has provided us with all the requirements to play and the kids are now looking forward to training hard and playing next weekend.”

Lalhrychyanga, father of Ngorlunchongi, a girl under the age of 11 who plays for Chaumboy Feng, “My daughter has been playing since she was a little girl and I am very happy to see her playing in the Naupang League. I am very happy that the Reliance Foundation Young Champs Naupang League is happening, and for us , Who grew up in a village, the opportunities like the Naupang League are very good and help my daughter become a better player. She wants to play as much, and whether she plays against boys or girls, as long as she competes, we are happy.”

The RFYC Naupang (Kids) League is hosted at 4 locations in Mizoram with 2 models of league structure. Leagues in Lunglei and Kolasib are hosted by Mizoram FA and District FA, enabled by RFYC, while two leagues in Aizawl and Champhai are run by the Reliance Foundation Young Champs. The age groups start from Under 05 and continue up to Under 13 in multiple game formats. A minimum of 30 games will be played by each participant. The four tournaments are scheduled to be held in parallel from November to June 2023. This initiative is part of the larger Reliance Foundation initiative to develop football in the region. RF youth sports (RFYS), a school and college sports development program has been operating in Mizoram since 2017 and provides a platform for young athletes to build a career in sports by creating opportunities for players to be scouted by professional football clubs. In the ongoing 2022 season of RFYS, more than 2000 school and university students are participating in football leagues in Aizawl, Champhai, Lunglei and Kolasib.

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