MSK Prasad says it’s hard to choose between Karthik and Pant



Former selection team boss MSK Prasad feels the Indian team management will find it “difficult and difficult” to make the right decision between Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik in T20 Globalism Cup semi-final against England in Adelaide on Thursday.

Except for the last match against Zimbabwe, India Karthik played before Pant in the ongoing tournament.

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However, Karthik hasn’t called his role as a particular finisher, while Pant has also failed to impress on the chances he’s had so far in the T20Is.

“The main debate or issue on Thursday will be what the captain and coach want in their eleventh play. If they want to use the left hand in the top rank to shake England up, they might turn to the Pant because it’s a great option. But if they want to get a terminator, they might consider Karthik to get Function.

“Sure, this is the only discussion or issue before the team. It will be interesting to see who finally gets the nod. I am sure the rest of the team will remain the same.”

The former wicketc hitter said the IPL’s performance will play a crucial role when they take on the 2010 champions England.

“There is no clear or explicit candidate for the second semi-final. Both teams are equally good. For India, the performance of the first division will be crucial,” he said.

India must have a strong opening-up partnership. I think Captain Rohit Sharma will have to drive from the front. He’s a great match player and I have a feeling it’s a big role for him.

“Rahul must give him good support and Virat Kohli He should continue his ominous form in the tournament. If two of the top three fire up, India will have a very good chance of beating England.”

Prasad said India has a great depth of punch and has some notable winners in Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya.

“In current form, Suryakumar is one of the best, if not the best, batsmen in T20 in the world. Hardek is the winner of an away match and I feel there is one big, decisive round from him. That could come on Thursday.”

Prasad feels fast Indian duo Bhoveneshwar Kumar and Archdeep Singh should look to acquire England captain Jose Butler early on.

“I don’t think there should be any change in the Indian bowling squad. They are doing an exceptional job. On Thursday, Bovneshwar and Arshdeep have to strike early to take Butler’s share, otherwise he can take the match away from India.”

The 47-year-old said the Indian spinners will have to do their job to restrict strikes in the middle.

“Axar Patel and R Ashwin have done a very good job. I don’t want to see any changes and I am sure that is the perfect balance for the team. They have done a very consistent job, getting important points and containing the running flow as well.

Prasad also said it was time for India to win the Cricket World Cup title.

“Player-versus-player this team is second to none. It’s just about carrying nerves and outperforming when it matters most. I think India can reach the finals and might win the title this time.”

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