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Muhammad Amir says Babar Azam’s mistrust of Nawaz cost Pakistan the big final


Pakistan suffered a heavy heart on Sunday as it failed to cross the finish line in T20 Globalism 2022 Cup Final at Melbourne Stadium cricket a land. Joss Butler’s England put in a superb performance to beat Babar Azam’s men to win 2second abbreviation Universal title in the shortest game format.

Pakistan made an impressive entry into the finals of this fantastic event. They kept their hopes alive even as experts wrote them off. But they failed to hold the momentum in the finals and succumbed to the pressure of the English bowling attack. Pakistan can muster only 137 strikes after being asked to strike first. In response, Ben Stokes smashed fifty undefeated to lead England.

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The defeat has now left the Pakistan cricket community divided in opinion. Unpopular player Muhammad Amir Babar Azam criticized for not trusting Muhammad Nawaz’s bowling during the final showdown.

Speaking to 24 News HD, Amir highlighted Babar’s words from the dressing room video shared by PCB after Pakistan’s loss to India at the opening of the campaign. The captain had called Nawaz a “match winner” but in a crucial final, he didn’t use him as a throwing man in a tricky situation.

“Our bowling was the best in this tournament, nobody can attack us. But yes, I can’t understand Nawaz’s condition. Pehle match ke baad Dressing room me video ban Uske baad poore tournament laga hi nahi vo batsman khel raha hai ya balller khel raha hai. (After the match against India, there was a video filmed in the dressing room where Babar Nawaz was described as the winner of the match. But after that, it was difficult to judge whether he was playing as hitting or throwing), Amir told 24 News HD.

Oh Tuh Apko players of my B-Trust Nahi Hai, Servant Keheni Kei Hai Pat Hai (It simply shows that you don’t trust your player.) If you say something, act on it. Nawaz catches first time in PSL. He won matches alone. He could have done something today. I couldn’t understand the decision.”

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Amir further saw that Nawaz could have made a difference in the final but Babar was not brave enough to get him to run.

“Harry Brooke was struggling against Shadab. Nawaz could have done something there. But then again, they will say I criticize too much. The captain must be brave. You didn’t make brave decisions and when you lose these things show.”

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