Nasir Hussain Says Fancy Juice Butler & Co. Avenged Final Defeat in 1992 After 50 Times



Former England captain Nasir Hussain believes Jose Butler’s team has enough to avenge the defeat to Pakistan in the 1992 ODI match. Globalism Cup Final by winning the 2022 FIFA Men’s T20 World Cup Final in Melbourne cricket Earth on Sunday.

Nearly 30 years after Imran Khan’s Pakistan defeated England in the 1992 ODI World Cup Final at MCG, the two teams will face each other at the same venue to win their second T20 World Cup title. Although Hussain acknowledged that England was powerful, he cautioned against underestimating Pakistan.

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“So Pakistan will be a big threat, but as I said after the semi-finals, if England play like they did against them India They can conquer any side. They played the perfect match on Thursday and Pakistan will know that they cannot be sub-par in any way.”

“This is a battle of the strongest attack of the tournament, in Pakistan, against the best fighting line-up, in England. I imagine Joss Butler and his team avenging the final 50-year defeat in 1992 on the same ground,” Hussain wrote in his column for the Daily Mail on Saturday: “But once they come to the mentality of beleaguered tigers, it would be foolish to write off Pakistan.”

Hussain was quick to point out that Pakistan’s opening duo Babar Azam and Muhammad Rizwan are playing the old-fashioned way, which is somewhat similar to India’s approach at bat and that the team does not have much depth of batting compared to England. .

“Pakistan is somewhat similar to India in that the opening batsmen of Babar and Muhammad Rizwan still play a bit of old white ball cricket, even though they did play against New Zealand.”

“The truth is that they have to be a little careful at first because they don’t have the beating depth in England. Their middle order has been shaky at times and they can be conservative up front because 20 increases can be a long time for them.”

“Babar and Rizwan had a quiet tournament ahead of the semi-finals – the captain scored just 39 times in the World Cup half a century ago – but both showed their class when it mattered most,” he explained.

Hussain also warned England of the unpredictability factor associated with Pakistan, who were on the verge of an early exit from the tournament after losses to India and Zimbabwe. But three wins on the trot, along with the Netherlands’ win over South Africa, meant they reached the semi-finals and then beat New Zealand to reach the final.

“This sums up Pakistan and their story has been over the years. They are very talented and can deliver world class performances but can also explode and crash. It’s great that they are in the final against England. Everyone compares their progress to Imran Khan’s beleaguered Tigers in 1992 and there are definite similarities.”

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“Babar Azam has been criticized in the Pakistani media and from former players, just as Imran was all those years ago, and Babar was falling a little bit behind them when they won the semi-final against New Zealand.”

“But they know that if they get an even score, their bowling attack can win the match for them. Or if they play first and keep their opponent low, their methods and hitting pace can work.”

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