Not exactly Imran’s team but Babar Pakistan is ready to repeat history

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The theater is the same, and the background is eerily similar to what it was three decades ago, but Omran Khan With his aura and charisma, he was a different beast from Babar Azam, who wins far from emulating the famous former commander.

More than 30 years ago, 39-year-old Imran was mentally retired as a cricketer but emerged as the men’s captain to defeat a strong England side led by Graham Gotsch and win Pakistan’s first world title – over 50. Globalism Cup in MCG.

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Although Imran, with his Oxford education and worldview was very different from Babar, the quintessential Lahore, both Pakistani captains are linked by a common thread – taking their team to the World Cup final with a bit of luck and a lot of plucking.

Imran has been a “leader” for every player on this team and can gain unquestionable loyalty. Babar is more like a colleague and a brother, who can put a merciful arm around a trapped player, who may be inappropriate.

Imran was the interlocutor’s delight and his flashy appearance made him popular among the opposite sex.

Babar is a family man, a reserved man, who gives off a sense that he would like to disappear from the lights of Sagittarius.

On March 25, 1992, when Imran went out with Gooch, he was wearing a white crew-neck T-shirt with a tiger in the corner.

Pakistan came back from the brink in that event. After losing their first three games, they were on the verge of losing their fourth after they were all out for 74 games.

England was 24 to one when the rain god smiled at Imran. The points of that match were shared and Pakistan won four matches in the next round before winning the semi-finals and the final.

Also, this was the first time they met India In one of the World Cup matches, Mohamed Azhar El-Din’s team defeated them strongly.

The coincidences are very similar as Pakistan lost to India Virat Kohli and then to Zimbabwe in the T20 World Cup this time.

If the divine intervention in 1992 was to open up England in a do-or-die game, then even the best bookmakers could not have predicted that the Netherlands would beat South Africa in 2022.

A handful of them must have committed murder.

The 1992 semi-final was also an exciting chase against the tournament’s best team New Zealand as Enzam Al Haq announced his arrival on the world stage.

The 2022 semi-final saw the emergence of Mohamed Haris, who was not part of the initially selected team.

With the final match approaching on Sunday, Pakistan is the favorite for all gamblers, especially those who love roulette. They are that unique number that can appear on a given day and will leave everyone with varying mouths.

If this team has used Waseem Akram as the executor, then this side has Shaheen Shah Afridi.

If Imran had a street-smart Javed Miandad, who was like a bandleader, Babar has the perfect story in Mohamed Radwan, who often sets up the narrative for his team in his playful style.

This team had an MBA in Ramez Reda and this has the Latif Shan Masoud, who was raised and educated in the UK.

Naseem Shah can be compared to Aqib Javed while Shadib Khan is a slightly more cricketer than Mushtaq Ahmed.

But if one looks at this England team, it has way better than the outside cricketers like Jose Butler, Alex Hals, Chris Wokes, Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali.

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