Obligation, importance and virtue of prayer



Obligation, importance and virtue of prayer

Prayer is the most important of all acts of worship – the creative universe itself has repeatedly emphasized to perform it – and ordered to perform prayer – as well as recite promises on its abandonment so that people on the basis of fear of God He should turn to worship and do not neglect to perform the most beloved and important worship of his Lord – if a person observes it, he gets countless religious and worldly benefits because by observing the five daily prayers, if on the one hand he If the heart is cleansed from the density of sins, then on the other hand, the pleasure of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is attained – because in two places the Madani Tajdar (peace be upon him) described prayer as the cooling of his eyes and The one that cools the eyes of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) will surely be the popular place of Prophethood. Where on the one hand the house will be enriched by the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, then all kinds of calls will be far away from his house and his heart will be clean and shine like a mirror and his deeds will also increase in the grave and the field of Hashr. He will be freed from sufferings and pains and will attain a high position in Jannat al-Firdous.

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:
Translation: O believers! When you need something and you go home in suffering and pain, then you do not need to worry, but turn to your Lord and ask for help with prayer and patience to get relief from suffering and pain. He will surely help – because that is the promise of unity, in Allah with patience, so to get relief from the sufferings and pains of the world, prayer for success in the grave and death is the recipe of alchemy, which the user always uses. Has been successful and will continue to be-

Virtues of reciting the Quran:

There are many virtues in the hadiths about the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. It is narrated from Abdullah bin Umar, may Allah be pleased with him. will go:

Keep reading and you will climb the steps of Paradise, keep reading as you used to read in this world, so your rank is the same as where you reached the last, (Jama’i Tirmidhi Sharif)
From this holy hadith, it became clear that on the Day of Judgment, when a person will be troubled in every way, recitation of the Holy Quran will be useful and the servant will be told to recite the Holy Quran in order to determine the steps of advancement in Paradise. Go, yes, wherever you stay, that will be your final destination.
Not only that, if a person is accustomed to reciting the Holy Qur’an, then even in the grave, he will get the benefit of it, and along with getting rid of the horror of the grave, his grave will be widened and there will be light in his grave. He will receive the Holy Qur’an to recite – see an incident related to the recitation of the Holy Qur’an:

There was an old man who had the habit of reciting the Holy Qur’an every day and praying in the presence of the Lord Almighty that the Master may end us on faith and just as you have enabled the recitation of the Holy Qur’an in this world, so is the grave. Please allow me to recite the Qur’an so that I may continue to recite the Holy Qur’an like Your servants. The raw brick fell inside the grave and the noble scholar clarified the position and rank of his servant – It is said that two great muhaddith of the time were present in this congregation, when these people looked into this grave, they A light light was seen in his grave, the Holy Quran written in golden letters in front of him and a fine and elegant dress was seen on his body. was reciting-

The narrator says that when we looked into the grave, he raised his head towards me and asked me, “Has the Resurrection been established?” Are all of them coming out of their graves and going to the battlefield? The narrator says, I said no, the Day of Judgment has not yet been established, then this righteous man said, then put the brick in its place –
(The Virtues of Reciting the Qur’an / Page 51)

In fact, the status obtained in the grave was obtained by the blessing of the recitation of the Holy Quran – we should recite the Holy Quran with interest and try to understand it –

Benefits of brushing:

Brushing brings the pleasure of Allah, the Exalted, the prayer that is recited by brushing increases the reward up to 99 times. Keeps mouth clean, brushing strengthens gums, brushing relieves headache, brushing is very useful for head veins, brushing removes phlegm and strengthens teeth, sharpens eyesight It happens, by brushing one’s stomach, one’s stomach remains healthy, the body gets strength and develops eloquence, brushing increases memory, and brushing is a cause of excess of intellect, by brushing one’s heart remains clean and good deeds increase. And the maswak makes the angels happy, the angels shake hands because of the brightening of the face by maswak, and when the man goes to pray by maswak, the angels walk with him while going to the mosque, the angels who hold the throne ask for forgiveness for him. Yes, the one who wears maswak receives the supplications and forgiveness of the Prophets and Prophets, the maswak angers Satan and drives him away. Miswak cleanses the mind, digests food, and is the cause of many children. It will be given, Miswak raises the human body to divine worship, and removes the heat of the body, Miswak removes body pain, Miswak strengthens the back, and the one who uses Miswak remembers the words of Shahadat at the time of death. It induces, the spirit of the one who uses smukah comes out easily, smukah whitens the teeth, and makes the mouth pleasant, sharpens the mind, smukah opens the grave and smukah is the cause of death in the grave, and this He gets the reward of people equal to not brushing his teeth in the grave, the gates of heaven are opened for those who brush teeth, the angels praise those who brush teeth and say that these people are following in the footsteps of the Prophets. The door of hell is closed on those who do it, the person who uses smukah becomes pure from the world, the angels of death are near the person who uses smukah. At the time of coming in the same way as they come to the saints, there are some sayings that the Prophets come like the Prophets. Raheeq does not take a sip of Makhtoom from the blessed reservoir of peace, Miswak eliminates the smell of the mouth and removes the smell of the armpit, raises the ranks of Paradise, removes the pain of the toothache, the one who uses Miswak from the whispers of Satan. It is safe, miswak creates appetite, miswak removes body fluids and thickens semen, beautifies the voice and removes tongue jam, miswak clears the throat, sweet smell in the mouth. Relieves pain, maswak improves the color of the body and makes the face radiant.

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