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AC Error Code

Orient Inverter AC Error Code and Fault

In this post you can see Orient Inverter AC Error Code and Fault . After see and read you can fix this types error code easily. open fully4world and learn more about RAC and HVAC.

Orient Inverter AC Error Code

Orient LED Blink Error

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11 thoughts on “Orient Inverter AC Error Code and Fault


    Aazam sir
    Thaink you so much
    To you….
    My help every problam

  • Orient dc inverter Ac eror disply p0 and outdoor off re option p0 on outoor 5 min only on plese help me problem

  • aslamoalikum sir maray pas orent ka dc ivartar hay us may p0 ka error aa raha ahay plz heelp me for this ishu. thanks

  • Asalam o alaikum
    Mere pas orient dc invertor ultron card wala hai us mai L1 ya L0 ka error aa jata hai kya kro please help

  • Fahad Salem

    Plz meray orient (Venus ) Air condition ka d3 error ara ha

  • Mirza younas.

    Asslomo alaikum sir.orient inverter 1 ton shows F3 help to resolve the problem.thanks

  • Ibrahim

    Sir please help us mara inverter jupiter dc P1 ka option da raha service ka bad and outer not work

  • Aamir Qureshi

    Thanku Learn Alot With You

  • Faiz-ul-Qayum janjua

    Orient 1.5 Ton show E5 error, this fault repaireable or card replcement only

  • Faiz-ul-Qayum janjua

    orient 1.5 Ton show E5 error, what is done for removed fault please


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