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Outdoor Fan Motor 4 Wires Connection and Trace

Outdoor Fan Motor 4 Wires Connection and Trace

If outdoor fan motor have 4 wire then how we can trace that which is common running starting which is 4th wire.

we can easily find with multi-meter, multi-meter set on Continuity (Beep) and in this 4 wires 2 wires work same this 2 wires attach with from motor we should first this 2 wires find and after this find common running starting.

for find common running and starting we saw reading on meter but no beep sound, which 2 wires give beep sound the two wires will have the same function, Turn one of them to the side and find the value of the rest with one.

now we have 3 wires and check one by one which 2 wires have more value These two wires are common and running and which is left is a common wire, and now we don’t know that which is common and which is running.

one wire of multi-meter attach with common and second wire of multi-meter attach with one by one running and starting which wire have more value with common this wire is starting and second is running .

4 wires outdoor fan motor Connection

Watch Video connection Trace

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