Pandemic drives up demand for 4K big screen TVs in India: Sony



TV market in India Over the years, but no more than we’ve seen since the pandemic. TVs are becoming more affordable, and most of you would rather go for Smart TVs instead of the old LED TVs. Screen resolutions have risen from Full HD to 4K as the technology becomes available, allowing more people to experience these features.

But the trend isn’t just limited to brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Vu, and OnePlus, old horses like Sony are getting more active and showing that they can cross the premium market with some quality products across different price ranges. So, to understand how the company did this and what they think about the future of the TV industry, we spoke to him Sunil Nayyar, Managing Director of Sony India To take a closer look at the sector, the company’s product strategy and how it caters to the changing demands of consumers in India.

News18 Tech (NT): Sony BRAVIA TVs fall into the Premium category, how has the range performed in the past few years?

Sunil Nayyar (SN)The rise in OTT content consumption during the pandemic has led to a shift from small screen TVs to large screen TVs, which is featured prominently in all industry reports. OTT exclusives and rapid digital launches have increased the demand for home cinema setups with large screen televisions.

To meet these demands, Sony BRAVIA has become one of the most preferred choices of customers due to the many industry-first technical innovations we have introduced. Proprietary technologies such as BRAVIA XR, Triluminos and 3D surround sound, along with industry technologies such as Dolby Vision Atmos, IMAX Enhanced and Netflix Calibration is now household names.

The new Master Series OLED A95K delivers an even greater boost with color brightness up to 200% compared to conventional OLED technology. Overall, our premium TVs have grown by more than 60% over the past two years with both OLED and Full Array LED premium series being major contributors to this success story.

NT: What do you think of the TV sector that has become affordable with a large number of smart TV brands?

SN: With the expansion of OTT services and the increase in the number of applications available on TV, consumers have various choices with a variety of smart TV alternatives now available in the market. In this scene, Sony introduces smart TVs with the latest Google TV user interface to not only ensure the latest smart functionality but also to provide a secure platform.

NT: Most TV brands these days are looking to customize software to match their TVs, so what is Sony’s strategy with its TV platform?

SNAs mentioned earlier, the entire FY22 BRAVIA TV range has now been upgraded to the Google TV platform for the best user interface and convenient content viewing experience. By utilizing the Google TV platform, customers can not only enjoy very convenient use, but also enjoy the upgradable security of the platform.

NT: Sony has its own software, so why did it decide to switch to Google’s Android TV platform after all these years?

SN: While Sony’s proprietary software has technological advantages; From a customer usability perspective, Sony is partnering with Google to leverage its platform to provide customers with an entertainment experience they are familiar with.

NT: Smart TVs work on Android just like smartphones and also require updates to secure TVs, so can Sony tell us about its strategy to update the current Sony Smart TV model?

SN: In line with the security standards of the Android / Google platform, we will provide timely updates for TVs.

NT: What screen size do most Indian consumers prefer, and do they go for Full HD or 4K resolution TVs?

SN: Since the pandemic, people are spending more time at home and this trend has created a huge demand for upgrading and creating an at-home cinema experience which has led to a clear shift towards larger screen sizes especially 140cm(55) and above. . In terms of technology, customers are moving from Full HD TVs to 4K TVs as 4K content is easily available these days and even the latest movie release acts as a catalyst for 4K TV demand.

NT: I started manufacturing TVs in India in 2015, what are the challenges for local production if any?

SN: All of our BRAVIA TVs are now seamlessly manufactured in India.

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