Personality evolution: An important academic topic in need of our attention



Personality evolution: An important academic topic in need of our attention

So far, great work has been done in the field of knowledge and research, and work is being done on various topics on a large scale, but if you are motivated, and want to work, during study and reflection, your own In topics of interest, too, there will be many thirsting aspects of the work, in need of exploration and re-examination, which require a new effort and research.

These days, the subject of my study is “personality development”. It is a very interesting and important subject, but the attention of scholars and students in the subcontinent is not equal, even though it is called by other names. Also read and taught.

This subject has been taken seriously by the people of the West many decades ago and they have done a lot of work on it. Today, hundreds of books by Western scholars and thinkers have been published on this subject, some of which have become so popular that more than fifteen million (one and a half million) copies have been printed and sold in a few years. And has researched topics that some skeptics would find ludicrous before reading this research, such as: One Hundred and Fifty Ways to Say “No”.

In the Arab world, the awareness about this subject has not yet arisen, which should be there. One hears about the training program and training on this subject, but still the issue with the translation of the books of the people of the West. It has come to this point that Karim Shazli and other young researchers and writers like him have made this topic the focus of their discussion and research, and their various compilations on this topic have become popular.

The scientific efforts of the subcontinent have been seen with the eyes of value and credibility for centuries and even today, the scientific efforts of the learned scholars and intellectuals and the intellectuals of the younger years are benefiting the people all over the world, but this contemptible one. It is a surprise and a pity that the discussion and research on the subject of “personality evolution” has reached a high standard! But our share in it is unequaled, as a result books and articles on this subject in Urdu and also books translated from other languages ​​are unequaled. Qasim Ali Shah, a renowned scholar of Pakistan and his foundation have made it their mission to raise awareness on this subject, he has a few books on the subject and hundreds of videos of his training sessions, which of course It turns to work in the subcontinent. There are some good trainers in this field among our fellow countrymen, whose training session videos are available on the internet, and who have good content on the subject.

When he started watching the books of Western scholars and thinkers, their Arabic translations and videos of training sessions, he felt very useful and brought positive and constructive change in life, but there was a constant feeling that these things were “Al-Hikma Zala”. Al-Mu’min, فاني وجدها فوه احق بها” (The words of wisdom and wisdom are lost to the believer, he is more entitled to take them wherever he finds them) rather “Tardailina Baa’atna” (Our capital is being returned to us). is from the tribe of

After reading the writings of Karim Shazli and watching the videos of Mr. Qasim Ali Shah, I took a look at the morals and social chapters of the reliable and famous books of Hadith, then I felt happy and also sad, the happiness that ” All the principles and principles of “evolution of personality” are present in the Book of Allah and in the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace. And it is a pity that the work of the contemporary Muslim scholars and scholars should be more in accordance with the modern scientific methods on this subject and not of the people of the West.

The question must be in the mind of the readers that is the subject of personality development or personality development? In simple language, it is the name of knowing, understanding and bringing to life these skills in the light of faith and moral teachings, best social values ​​and human experiences, which makes a human being very civilized, calm, self and the whole humanity. To live a profitable life, if these skills are not present in a person’s life, then despite health, knowledge and wealth, a person cannot live a balanced and happy life. This subject deals with every small and big thing in life: how we should talk, how we should think, what education we should get, what subject we should choose for our studies, what means of livelihood we should take, How one should deal with the vicissitudes of life, on what basis and of what nature should relations with people be, how one should sit in a meeting, how one should eat, how one should drink, and all such things, which Doing it sloppily makes the whole personality dull and sometimes tarnished.

It is a hadith of Hazrat Salman Farsi, may Allah be pleased with him, that the infidels mockingly said to him, “Your Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) teaches you how to urinate and go to the bathroom.” Said yes! Our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also teaches us these small things, then he mentioned some of the Prophetic principles of ablution. (Abu Dawud, Hadith No.: 19) What is the achievement of the subject of personality evolution is that the skills of handling not only the big things of life, but also every small thing and developing the manners of living in every situation have been acquired. Go and that no virtue comes without being taught or learned, these two principles are clearly mentioned in this hadith.

Similarly, an important rule in the art of personality development (WIN WIN) i.e. let others win and win yourself, its brief explanation is that living life with other human beings is not like a cricket or football match that one In order to win, it is necessary for others to lose, but it is possible for us to win and achieve success in any matter of life and our brother and friend will also achieve as much success as us, now just read this hadith: No one believes even if he loves his brother, but he loves himself. (Bukhari, Hadith No.:14) “None of you can be a believer unless he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.” Isn’t the principle of WIN WIN given to humanity long ago in this hadith?

Because the subject of personality development is very important and necessary, it is an excellent helper in building and developing a person on positive lines, living a healthy life full of calm, gratitude and hope. Therefore, there should be awareness towards this subject to read, understand, take advantage of it, and young scholars who have courage, heartache and concern should also pay attention to the aspect that in the modern era, new scientific methods and Work on this subject according to the principle and also work on the aspect that the principles and principles of this precious art and subject are present in the Qur’an and Sunnah, as well as the atheistic thoughts that have entered into it, with logic and rationality. should be rejected and its alternative should be presented.

If I were to submit that from a Da’wah point of view, working on this subject (in global languages ​​such as English, Arabic, Urdu and French) is at the level of fard kifaya, then it would be – according to my understanding – a responsible thing, why? That this art and subject (books, live sessions and training programs) is being used a lot by people in the West and it is causing a positive change in their lives, so people are naturally inclined towards this subject. Now, if we present not in a debating and refuting style, but in a scientific, logical and objective style, that the principles and principles of this art are already present in the beliefs, morals, society and other different chapters of the Book of Vasant, then this subject Every person who uses it will definitely think positively about Islam from this point of view, and our da’wah responsibility is to open the door of concern towards Islam for our disbelieving brother, the rest is guidance to Allah. is in the hands of

Muhammad Razi Rahman Qasmi
Published November 1, 2018


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