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OnePlus is another brand that has come a long way with its sub-brand. The Nord series started with a phone, then moved on to audio devices, and now it’s time for a wearable Nord watch, called the Nord Watch (not very creative). This is another budget smartwatch that is looking to catch the eye of those who are just starting their fitness journey and want a reliable device on their wrist for accurate data.

Most people say Apple Watch is the best in the business, but it doesn’t make sense for everyone to spend more than Rs 30,000 on a smartwatch. For those people, Nord Watch is an option priced at Rs 4,999 and in this review we tell you if this smartwatch is different from its counterparts.

Nord Watch Review: What’s Cool?

Nord Watch has a giant screen on an AMOLED panel. This combo works great for improving visibility under sunlight, and colors look more vibrant. The larger screen doesn’t come at the expense of comfort, and since the Nord watch weighs around 50g, you can easily wear it for long hours.

Having said that, people with smaller wrists might say otherwise. The Nord watch comes equipped with a wide range of fitness and sports modes.

During our time with the device, the step counting was accurate, and even the sleep tracker worked well. Even the SpO2 blood oxygen monitor was working immediately after comparing the results from the oximeter. OnePlus has made sure that the software isn’t rigorous, and the RTOS ecosystem the company has adopted helps the Nord Watch carry a flexible platform under the hood.

Most of you might be concerned about the battery life of the watch, especially with an AMOLED panel but in most cases, we have noticed that the Nord Watch can easily surpass a week’s use with heavy use on the tab.

It also helps that the Nord Watch has an IP68 rating but it is advised not to swim inside the pool with the watch on.

Nord Watch Review: What’s Not So Cool?

For that price, Nord Watch could have tried to be a little more adventurous. The wearable is missing the always-on display feature, and lets you rotate your wrist to wake up instead. It also does not have a speakerphone or support for Bluetooth calling. The program is slick and slick, but its limitations are stark, and its lack of support for third-party apps might make people look at other options.

The assembled shifter lags behind the watch, and we somehow felt the build quality, while excellent, didn’t give us confidence it could last a mile. OnePlus has to work on its software strategy for its wearable, otherwise these smartwatches will be just a big-screen fitness band.

Nord Watch Review: Should You Buy?

The Nord Watch is a decent option for buyers without taking the plunge. It’s as if OnePlus has made sure the wearable Nord brand ticks the most basic boxes, which includes all the sports modes, fitness features, and ergonomic design. The display is definitely a highlight of this device, as is the battery life, which can extend for more than 10 days.

The software could use some work, and missing out on features like Bluetooth calling and built-in GPS makes it less desirable than what others offer. Buy the Nord Watch for its elegance and ease of setup.

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