Preparations to change the name of another Muslim area after Islamnagar, a political war broke out between the Hindu government and Muslim organizations in Madhya Pradesh.



Preparing to rename another Muslim area after Islamnagar, in Madhya Pradesh…

Lahore (from T.B.) What was feared has come to pass. Just a day after the BJP government changed the name of Bhopal’s Islamnagar to Jagdishpur, Hindu extremists demanded to change the name of “Halalpur” as well. A political war has broken out. In Madhya Pradesh, the government is changing the names of historical places built by Muslim kings and Muslim Nawabs one by one, on which the government and Muslim organizations have come face to face and now the Muslim organizations have decided to go to court over this issue. Is.

After the renaming of Habibganj railway station, Hoshangabad and Islamnagar in Madhya Pradesh, while the ruling party is celebrating, the Congress has started a movement against the government’s move by supporting Muslim organizations in muted words. Now it is to be seen that after the political war broke out, the government is able to fulfill the demand of the extremists to change the name of Halalpur or not.

The Madhya Pradesh Ulema Board says that if the Muslim kings ruled for a thousand years, this rule was based on peace. The government is misleading people by changing the names of historical places and cities. The government should tell us what has been done in the name of development in the places where the names have been changed so far. The Ulama Board will hold a provincial meeting regarding this issue and then a plan to approach the court will be prepared.

On this issue, senior BJP leader and MLA from Barsia Constituency Vishnu Khatri has openly announced that “A movement was started in 2008 to change the name of Islamnagar. A letter was also received from the Center in this matter, but the Congress The government did not take any action on it, but this letter was suppressed. Now the step taken by the BJP government is the voice of the people’s heart. Now Jagdishpur will remain, not Islamnagar, and its cultural identity will remain here. A magnificent temple will be established in the name of Swami Jagadesh. After changing the name of Islamnagar, now a movement has been started to change the name of Halalpur Dam and soon there will be great success in this matter as well.” .

On the other hand, Indian historian Rizwan Ansari says that “Islamnagar was not settled by demolishing any fort or demolishing any temple. Islam Shah is a saint whose name Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan, the founder of Prabhopal state, settled this fort and This land was gifted to him by Rani Kamalapati. It is not right to see Islamnagar fort as a coercion.”

Madhya Pradesh Congress Secretary Abdul Nafees says on this issue that “Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are to be held in 2023 and in the survey conducted by BJP and RSS regarding the elections, their position is not good. That is why the people The names of various Muslim areas are being changed to mislead the people. The decision to change the name was taken on the day when the central government budget was to be announced so that the Indian public does not ask questions about the budget, inflation and other aspects. The founder of Islamnagar Bhopal state. Must have been established by Dost Muhammad Khan but he never changed the name of Jagdishpur. Not only that, Rampur and Sitapur also had Muslim states but they never changed their names either.

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