Prince Andrew tipped off Sarah Ferguson’s alleged lover John Bryan: report



John Bryan, who allegedly had an affair with Sarah Ferguson in 1992, said he gave the Duke and Duchess of York strategic advice on how to restore Andrew’s reputation and finances.

US businessman John Bryan, the Duchess of York’s alleged lover, is said to have given Prince Andrew “honest advice” in the wake of the duke’s fateful interview in 2019.

King Charles’ younger brother stepped down from his royal duties and was stripped of his military affiliations and patronages by the late queen in the wake of a sex scandal. Andrew categorically denied the allegations and later reached an out-of-court settlement with defendant Virginia Giuffre.

The businessman claimed he was invited back to the family’s inner circle at a time when the Duke of York was in crisis, adding that he then helped them devise a plan.

He claimed to have advised Andrew to show empathy for Epstein’s victims and encouraged him to express his understanding of the scale of heinous crimes committed by children.

Brian told The Mail on Sunday: “Sarah asked me to come and help Andrew and the girls. I stayed friends with Sarah, but when everything was falling apart, when it was bad, she called me and I was happy to help.”

Brian said the family needed a “strategic plan that everyone can accept” after Andrew’s disastrous interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis.

Andrew said Epstein acted “in an inappropriate manner” during his interview, to which Maitlis replied curtly: “Inappropriate? He was a sex offender.”

According to Brian, he was in contact with Sarah after Duke appeared on TV and would send her messages that included “the normal things you say to your ex” like “I hope you’re okay”.

Brian admitted that his ex was “in awe” when he was invited to their home. Their daughter, Princess Beatrice, reportedly told her father, “You hurt our family.”

He returned for a second visit to the family home, and again took measures to avoid detection by the press. “It was a cloak and a dagger,” he said. “Eventually, I was taken to the Royal Lodge via a neighboring property.”

According to Brian, Andrew gave him a “handshake and a hug” upon seeing him and added that Andrew was unable to focus for more than 40 minutes at a time due to the stress he was experiencing. Brian told The Mail on Sunday he was convinced of Andrew’s innocence.


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