Prophet’s kind behavior towards Islam



Prophet’s kind behavior towards Islam

In this advanced age, everything is available, but if something is lacking, it is kindness. The reason for this lack is that the distance between our hearts is increasing day by day. covers up to There is no one more amiable and good mannered than us on the stages. But if you look at the pages of our private life, there is no one who is more quarrelsome, obscene and creates a rift in relationships than us. It is with great regret that it is being misrepresented that good manners and good nature are only in books. The leaves will remain a decoration. We are proudly called the ummah and lover of the Prophet, who called good manners as religion, but even the appearance of good manners was not visible in our lives. There are many aspects of good manners and good manners. Today we will try to highlight the bright and shining aspects of the life of the Prophet of Islam, which are related to children. How did he treat children? ?? How did he (PBUH) behave with the new Islam. Let’s find the best examples from the corners of the hadiths which are a guide and a plan of action for our lives.
Hazrat Jabir bin Samra narrates that once I offered Zuhr prayer with the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Then he left to go to his house and I also left with him. He touched his cheek and also touched my cheek. After narrating the hadith, Hazrat Jabir (may Allah be pleased with him) says that I found in his hand that coolness and that pleasant fragrance that perfumes the soul, as if the Imam of the Prophets (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) had taken his hand out of a perfume seller’s box (Muslim Sharif). Hazrat Anas bin Malik Khadim Rasool ﷺ narrates that Hazrat Tajdar Haram used to mingle with us. He even used to say to my younger brother, O Abu Umayr, what did your bird named Naghir do? (Bukhari) Have you seen the manner in which Hazrat Tajdar Haram Nubahar Karam ﷺ is being kind to the children? Hazrat Syedna Abu Umair (R.A.) is asking him about the condition of the bird. Today, our plight will be that we do not care to ask about the condition of birds or sparrows, let alone our own condition.
Hazrat Yusuf bin Abdullah says that Hazrat Sultan Madinah ﷺ made me sit on his blessed lap and placed his blessed hands on my head and named me Yusuf. I was the one who showed compassion to children the most. Hazrat Abu Huraira (RA) says that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) kissed Hazrat Imam Hasan (RA) at that time, Hazrat Iqra bin Habis (RA) was also present in his service. He said, O Messenger of Allah, I have ten sons. I have never kissed any of them. He turned to them and said in his glory, “Whoever does not show mercy, he will not be shown mercy.” (Bukhari) It is as clear as day that the charming manner in which he used to love children. And the manner of expressing this love was also quite unique. He used to do what he ordered in his practical life. As is known from this incident of Hazrat Iqra bin Habs, today our level of negligence has reached such a level that we are far from kissing our children. We don’t even have time to talk about love and affection, then when the child grows up and does not value the father, the parents have a lot of doubts about the children that the children have become disobedient. We are not valued. It’s like that, it’s like that, etc. It’s a fact that when we give love to children, they will love us back.
Listen to this hadith as well. Hazrat Anas bin Malik used to say that I served the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) for ten years. Why not? (Bukhari) We will not see this unique style of education and training of children anywhere except the Prophet of Islam. If we also adopt this style, instead of quarrels and riots, a beautiful atmosphere of love and peace will be established in our homes. In particular, the ruler of Madinah ﷺ used to love girls very much. Hazrat Anas رضي اللہ عنہ says regarding this love that the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) was performing his prayers in the streets of Madinah Munawwarah, when a few girls were playing tambourines and singing, “We How fortunate are the girls of Banu Najjar that a great person like Hazrat Tajdar Madinah is our neighbor in the form of Noor, so the Prophet (ﷺ) was happy to hear their Naat and said, “My Allah knows very well that I also love you very much.” (Ibn Majah) In the light of these traditions, we are forced to say that treating children in such a compassionate way is the part and destiny of the Prophet of Islam. And for us, all these examples are examples of life. After studying these events, we should take stock of ourselves, how is our behavior with our children or other children? Do we treat them with love and compassion or not? If the answer is no, then it is important that we change our attitude and adopt the prophetic approach and try to be the epitome of good behavior and keep in mind that good behavior and showing love and compassion to children is also an important part of the Prophet’s life. We pray to the Almighty Lord to grant us the opportunity to make our conduct and behavior cheerful.


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