‘Proud’ Narayan Jagadeesan Shatters scores in Dream Season



277, 128, 168, 107, 114*. Five games, five tons and N Jagadeesan owned the current Vijay Hazare trophy with a raft of runs for Tamil Nadu at the top of the order. While the four hundred on the trot spoke up, it was the dominance of Arunachal Pradesh that made him the toast on social media on Monday afternoon.

277 runs off 141 balls in an innings with 25 fours and 15 sixes is no ordinary feat. Even if it comes against Arunachal Pradesh. The right-hander rewrote the record books on the trot and became the only player to hit five List A hundreds on the trot. He bested Kumar Sangakkara, Alviro Petersen, and Davidut Padikal who had earlier managed four straight hundreds in form. Jagadeesan’s 277 is also the highest individual score in men’s List A cricket as the previous best score was 268 by Alistair Brown back in 2002. Yes, 20 years ago!

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The wicketkeeper-batsman was out in the 42nd over and certainly had plenty of time and deliveries to overhaul the 300-run mark. It doesn’t happen every day that a player racks up that many runs in a single innings, that too in the 50-plus format, and the disappointment of missing out on that feat was evident in his voice after a record-breaking day.

“The ball was there… I went with my instinct and kept the shot going. It will haunt me for a very long time, but I am really happy with the effort,” N Jagadeesan tells cricketnext.com in an exclusive chat.

The competition between Tamil Nadu and Arunachal Pradesh was the 100th match of the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy and it was a memorable day for Jagadeesan and Tamil Nadu. The 26-year-old has been singing this season and says it was pre-season and outings with his team India Cement in the Chennai league which helped him get into the right spot before the start of the domestic season.

“I feel like it was the Chennai league that kind of put me in the right zone. In the five matches I played I had two hundred and three fifties which kind of put me in the right zone. A lot of constant work has been going on behind the scenes and I’m very proud to see the results.” En, Prasanna, my dad, everyone worked a lot with me. It was a disciplined and careful effort that I put in with them day in and day out and now the results are coming my way,” says Jagadeesan very proud.

control control

Just a few days ago, CSK decided to release N Jagadeesan but the ‘bad news’ didn’t affect his preparation and mentality for the ongoing season as he started scoring goals with a lot of consistency and control. The stumper has been around the ring for a long time and always had a reputation for easily clearing the ropes and hitting the ball long and far, but this season has seen a very patient Jagadesan in the middle.

“The franchise decided to release me and it was nothing in my hands. It’s obviously bad news for a cricketer to be released through a franchise, but I have no control over that. What I control is my process, my setup, my cricket. I wanted to fight with my mentality.” Hitting for a long time this season and I’m very proud to see it pay off so well.My mentality has been to just focus on the present and what I can control, so it was just my hitting and how I can do my best there.The ball is a bit early here in Bengaluru, So I carefully wanted to bowl off the first few overs and then build an innings from there, hitting the ball deep and long,” Jagadisan revealed.

It wasn’t just Jagadesan who was happy to see the way things have turned out for him this season. Baba Abrajith, who has also captained Tamil Nadu in the past, was very proud of his team mate’s trajectory and was quick to point out the change he has seen this year.

“I think the biggest change I can say, from the outside that I’ve seen, is the way he builds innings and controls them. That was great and the way he goes his strokes is really good,” says Abrajith.

Aparajith, who bats in the middle order in the fiftieth format, has not fared well in the middle so far due to the consistency shown by the pair of Jagadeesan and Sai Sudarshan at the top order of the side. The all-rounder doesn’t complain and is very happy with the openings show.

“It’s good for the team, isn’t it? I mean it’s very nice to have the kind of starts they’ve given us this season and put us in a good position. And to be honest, Jagadesan’s record will be here for a very long time. It’s not easy to score five hundred in Trotting in coordination. The consistency was absolutely amazing and I’m very happy and proud of his efforts,” says Aparajith.

While morale was very high in the Tamil Nadu camp, opposition Arunachal Pradesh was on a leather chase as the unit led by Papa Indrajith scored a whopping 501. As many as 45 boundaries and 17 sixes were hit during the TN innings. The Arunachal Pradesh Techi Doria batsman saw the carnage at close quarters and noted that Jagadeesan had been in a destructive mood since the word go.

“Wo maarne hi aaya tha”

Wo maarne hi aaya tha (He came up with a chasing bowling mentality) and played his shots. “The wickets were good to hit and he kept hitting runs with ease,” says Duryea after a long day on the field. Do you periodically keep count of lost balls? “(Laughs) Bhote Bhar Jaya, Etna Dhyan Nahi Diya (quite a few people were missing but they didn’t keep count).”

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Arunachal Pradesh failed against Tamil Nadu but Doria feels the team will only learn from these experiences and more matches against top teams will give them invaluable experience.

“Even Tamil Nadu were going to start one day, right? So it’s the same for us. They’ve been playing for a long time and we’ll just get better at playing games and learning from the players we see. The more games we play on the grass, the better we get. Doria says,” It’s a matter of time, more game time and we’ll be there with these teams.”

Business as usual

After a record-breaking day, Jagadesan returns to his room and will repeat the process before preparing for the next match. With not much time between games, the right-handed would prefer to rest and sleep well to be in the right area before entering the field. So 100 No. 6 Download?

(laughs) Like I said I’ll stay in the present and repeat what I’ve been doing. I would say I’m in a really good place at the moment and enjoying my cricket. The whole idea is to keep it moving,” says Jagadesan.

I was disappointed to only fall 23 a distance short of what would have been a first three hundred in the format, but it doesn’t lose much sleep on it and strikes an optimistic note.

“If this happens, then so will it.”

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