Qatar did not win the match but won the hearts of their visitors



Despite all the hype and negative propaganda, Qatar has put on an exemplary football World Cup. The spectators are also happy and the players are not tired of praising the arrangements and hosting. The propaganda against Qatar on issues ranging from bribery, climate, women’s rights to LGBT issues has silenced critics of its best conduct.

While Qatar has taken full care of the happiness and feelings of its guests, it has not compromised its civilization and culture but has promoted it in a great way. Some children were seen distributing rose flowers to the guests and some were seen providing date tea etc. free of charge to their guests. Some Qataris were seen inviting foreign guests to their homes and spread their tables for them.

There is no doubt that the FIFA World Cup is a huge celebration of the world in which people from every corner of the world come to see and experience this celebration. Most of these visitors are from the western world and have an image of Muslims and Islam in their mind that makes them afraid to come to Muslims, but Qatar has not played football well. But the way the people of Qatar have won the hearts of their guests has given the image of Muslims and Islam a new look. Most of the guests were seen appreciating Qatar’s hospitality and culture.

Wherever the World Cup has been held, rowdying, drinking and stripping have been promoted in the name of freedom, but Qatar presented a new image in which nothing but sport was given importance. The excellent hospitality demonstrated by Qatar to make this a success is unmatched.

The Qatari people may have benefited a lot economically from this World Cup, but they probably don’t even realize that they have not only made football more popular in the Arab world, but have also presented a wonderful image of the Arab world. Qatar has certainly made money, but they have not taken unnecessary money out of anyone’s pocket, receiving the same amount of money from whomever they have facilitated. For example, they provided accommodation in a container for USD 207, but the room in the container for two people was better than any good hotel room. The big screen and excellent seating arrangements were free outside the stadium to watch the match. Food was available in every way.

While Qatar won hearts by hosting, the Moroccan team won hearts with their game, but the way their players danced with their mothers or shared their happiness is not seen in such competitions. Spectators and players show off his wife and beloved but not the poor mother who raised him, but the Moroccan players did not hesitate to celebrate with their parents.

This World Cup will be memorable for Messi, Mbappe, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Qatar, but for the spectators who went to Qatar to watch the World Cup matches, this trip will always be memorable for Muslims and Islam. have returned to their homeland with a new image of


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