Qatar unveils the Fan Village, which includes 6,000 cabins in the desert near the airport



Qatar on Wednesday unveiled a fan village of 6,000 cabins on an isolated plot of land near its airports, an offering of accommodation near the lower end of what is available in the future. Globalism The cup is just days away from launching.

As reporters sauntered through the cabins, desert winds kicked up sand at the 3.1-square-kilometer (1.1-square-mile) site, which includes a metro station, bus stop, pop-up restaurant, and shop. Officials said the area could theoretically hold up to 12,000 people if it was booked to capacity.

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Artificial green grass covers the pathways outside, with common areas filled with large bean bag style chairs under a gray Wednesday sky. The flags of the rival nations fluttered in the strong desert wind, and there is a large screen on site for fans to watch the matches. Workers walk around the site, inspecting its finishes.

The brightly colored cabins, each with paper thin walls, are designed to accommodate one or two people with twin beds, nightstand, small table and chair, air conditioning, toilet and shower inside.

Each will run about $200 a night — $270 with a board — as the tournament goes on. Omar Al-Jaber, head of residence at the Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy for the tournament, said that about 60% of the rooms are already reserved for the tournament.

There will be other rooms offered at $80 per night further afield from this location near Doha International Airport and Hamad International Airport, both of which will see flights at all hours of the tournament. Planes flew over our heads during the visit on Wednesday.

Those staying at the Fan Village can expect a 40-minute travel trip to the stadium sites.

“Most of the fans prefer if it is not a hotel, they prefer the apartment and the villa,” Al-Jaber said, noting that these options are managed by the French hospitality company Accor. However, those who want low-cost accommodation will come to this location and the other for cheaper options, he said.

In the run-up to the tournament, concerns about hotel room space and rising room rates left Qatar short of hotel capacity for all the World Cup teams, staff, volunteers and fans. So Doha set up campsites and cabins, chartered cruise ships, and encouraged fans to stay in neighboring countries and travel for the Games.

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