Rahul Dravid explains why Indian cricketers are not allowed to play in T20 overseas leagues



How participation in the various T20 tournaments around the world benefits the player was quite evident from the hammer of England India in the World Cup semi-finals on Thursday. A large number of English cricketers enjoy playing in Australia through their participation in the Big Bash League (BBL).

Certainly, familiarity with Australian conditions has helped them to settle in and even adapt to different venues especially the Adelaide Oval which has shorter limits compared to other pitches used in T20 Globalism Cup in the country.

Adel Rashid, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan and Phil Salt (replaced the injured David Malan in the India match) represented the Adelaide Strikers, BBL Team.

Hales went on to smash the unbeaten No. 86 to shine in the chase for India’s dominant England while spinner Rashid closed the doors to earlier hitters and also scalped in-form Suryakumar Yadav.

Jordan, who played in his first match of the tournament, put in a great performance taking three wickets to contribute to the win.

Interestingly, BCCI remains the only board that does not allow contract players (except female cricketers) to participate in T20 outdoor tournaments.

When asked if removing this barrier would put the Indian players in good standing, coach Rahul Dravid agreed but explained why it was impossible to do so.

“Certainly, there is no doubting the fact that a lot of their players (England) have come here and played. In this tournament, he has definitely appeared. It is tough or rough,” Dravid said during a media interaction after the match. “I think it is very difficult for Indian cricket because a lot of These tournaments happen at the height of our season.”

He added that if the doors were opened, it would prove the death of Indian domestic cricket and especially the Ranji Cup – the premier red ball competition in the country and the direct impact would be on test cricket.

“It’s a huge challenge for us. Yes, I think a lot of our boys are probably missing out on opportunities to play in a lot of these leagues. It’s really up to BCCI to make that decision. But it’s right in the middle of our season, and with that kind of demand it will be On the Indian players, if you allow all the Indian players to play in these tournaments, we will not have domestic cricket.”

He added, “You’ll see all our boys, like a lot of boys, being asked to play the leagues in the middle of our season. We’ve seen what happened to West Indies cricket and I definitely don’t want Indian cricket to go like this. It will definitely affect the Ranji Cup special. Us; it will affect test cricket. Indian boys playing test cricket is very important for test cricket, I think.”

Dravid also advised not to speculate on the future of T20I for India’s top cricketers including Captain Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin and Bhoveneshwar Kumar.

“These guys have been great performers for us. Yeah, like I said, we’ve got a few years to think about it. There are some really good players here, so not the time to talk about these things or think about these things right now. We’ll have enough. With enough matches and matches as we go forward, India will try to build and prepare for the next World Cup,” he said.

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