Rahul Dravid says allowing Rishabh to have time to play was really important



after, after India They concluded their Super 12 campaign by crushing Zimbabwe 71 times to top Group B and set up a meeting with England in the men’s T20 semi-finals. Globalism The Cup, Cup coach Rahul Dravid expressed that giving Rishabh Pant a chance to spend game time during Sunday’s game was really important to keep the various options on hand.

In Sunday’s match, Pant entered the eleventh play in place of veteran wicket keeper Dinesh Karthik, marking his first appearance in the tournament.

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Hitting the fifth, the left-handed played flat guts from Shawn Williams, but Ryan Pearl ran completely tilted to his left from a long distance and threw himself to take a great dive, finishing his stay in just three of five. balls.

“Two of the things we wanted to do was try and speculate first if we had the chance. We needed to win the lottery for that. Just because, frankly, we played first against Pakistan when we came here, we just wanted to try out what it was like to kind of score the result. In these kinds of circumstances.”

“Also, we felt that if we hit first, that would give us a chance to play an extra 20 times and get into that ability that we’re still trying to get bonus points for first. Then, sometimes that gives us the opportunity, too, to play Rishabh, clearly having this game in mind. Also but only with the future in mind, too, just opening up our options.”

“Everyone is available for choices; just because someone missed this match doesn’t mean we can’t go back to it and we can’t decide on it. We might go the same way. We might go a different way too. We just wanted to make sure Our options are open, which gives Rishabh a chance to get match time, which is really important.”

Bant led India in a five-match streak at home against South Africa in June. But since the AFC Asian Cup, he’s been in and out of the squad as Karthik’s stunning comeback as a match-finisher coupled with the unfinished form of the young player means he’s certainly not in the 11th play. Since India’s arrival in Australia, Pant has played practice matches against Western Australia XI in early October, making nine runs during the batting opener.

“He was probably the only player in our team who didn’t play a game after Western Australia. We played two games in Western Australia where he played, then he didn’t take part in the training match. He was supposed to play in the second game which collapsed in Brisbane (against New Zealand), and then He didn’t play.”

“So we just wanted to ensure that he also got some game time so that at least all of our 15 players got some amount of time in both the training games and this tournament. If we had a full set of 15 to choose from, we would pick what we think would be the best lineup. For the day against an opponent looking out onto the pitch,” added Dravid.

With many former cricketers baffled by Pant not being a key player in India’s playing XI, Dravid was quick to point out that the Indian-minded team has never lost faith in the left-handed, who has been putting up tricky yards in practice sessions, as as well as in the main team. .

“In a sense, it is not that we have lost faith in Rishabh. We have confidence in all of our 15 players who play here. Only 11 players can play, and it depends on the groups that you have. The fact that they are here and that they are part of the World Cup means that we trust them a lot. This means that at any time they can be called up to play at 11″.

“That’s the real turn when you pick 15 players and you pick 15 out of the many other options available to you. It means you really have a lot of confidence in these 15. Yes, you can only play 11 at a time and some people miss them sometimes and they don’t have to play.”

“But then again, Rishabh is someone as many of you have been seeing, he was going to travel with us, he was hitting a lot of nets, he was hitting a lot of balls, he was doing a lot of field drills and sorting out of keeping practice and keeping fit.”

After talking about Pant not having major competitions against Zimbabwe, Dravid indicated that he wouldn’t read much about it because he died while attacking both teams, and that the Indian team does not judge players on the basis of a single match.

“We had a chance today to give him a chance and play him in this game, and it kind of didn’t work out today, but I’m not interested in that at all because I think he made the right choice. His role was to play the left spinner that was there, sometimes it explodes and sometimes it doesn’t. that “.

“I don’t think we judge people in one match, and sometimes whether we play them or not is not based on one match. Sometimes it’s just matches, what we think is something we might need here or also move forward in the next part of the tournament; what They are the skills we might need against and which are the kind of shooters we might encounter. So a lot of things go into these kinds of decisions.”

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